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You are about to start Discovering the World of Wine -- the online wine course commissioned by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (hereafter known as FDU). This course was created, written and produced by Ron Kapon, wine writer and educator and teacher of the FDU classroom wine course for 15 years, and Pat Savoie, wine writer and educator. You can learn more about them and the others who contributed to the Course in the “About Us” section.

Discovering the World of Wine will deliver real benefits not only to the novice, who is just sticking their nose into the glass, but will be interesting and instructive for the experienced wine lover.

 Discovering the World of Wine is different from any other online or DVD course.  It consists of over two dozen individual Classes, each on a different wine topic. Each Class is concise and clearly written with all the important information you will need to gain an understanding of the topic.

You learn wine through the grape

A dozen of the Classes have accompanying Tasting Videos, in which Professor Philippe Newlin explores seven wines with a group of student tasters. All but four of these classes are organized by grape type because we believe that comparing wines by grape variety across several different growing places is the best way to understand how and why grapes and their wines differ and to figure out what you like. For example, seven Pinot Noirs or seven Rieslings or Sauvignon Blancs from different countries are compared and contrasted.  

The student tasters make comments and raise questions, just as in a real classroom. In addition, each Class has a list of the wines tasted in the Tasting Video and suggestions for substitutes so you can purchase them and taste along with Professor Newlin and the students.

Four of the Classes and Tasting Videos address some of the most known and complex wine regions – Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Tuscany -- and focus on what is most important in those areas: what makes them unique and what wines they produce.

There are maps of key wine areas and over a dozen short videos featuring winemakers or great chefs commenting on grapes, wines and food pairings.

Other Classes take you into a retail store, where the store manager talks about selecting wines. Or, into one of New York's top restaurants where four diners negotiate the menu and wine list and talk with the Sommelier to pair wines with their food.

Discovering the World of Wine is not like any other wine course. We think that when you complete it, not only will you understand more about wine but you will have had fun doing so.

Ron Kapon and Pat Savoie



Praise for the Course

from Laurent Drouhin, Sally Jessy Raphael, Vitalie Taittinger, and others.

About This Course

"You learn about wine through the grape."

Introductory Video

Ron Kapon, Pat Savoie, and Philippe Newlin introduce the features that distinguish this new online course

Sample Tasting Video

An excerpt from the Pinot Gris video showing Philippe Newlin's engaging, informative style

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Background on the creators of the course.

List of Videos

The list of lively informative videos, some in classroom format, some as interviews with experts, that are included in the course.

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