University Administration

Board of Trustees
University Offices (For offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see Metropolitan and College at Florham campus indexes)
Office of the President
J. Michael Adams, Ph.D.; President of the University
David Epstein, Ph.D.; Chief of Staff
Elizabeth M. Noonan, B.A.; Executive Assistant to the President
Martin Donoff, B.A.; Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives
Susan Durkin; Assistant to the President—College at Florham
Terri McMillan, B.A.; Assistant to the President—Metropolitan Campus
William T. Van Wert, Jr.; Logistics Manager
  Office of General Counsel
  Wayne M. Richardson, J.D.; General Counsel
  Office of Executive Vice President
  Carl Viola, M.P.A.; Executive Vice President
Gail Lemaire; Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President
Barbara Torna; Assistant to the Executive Vice President
    Office of Administration
    Richard A. Riccio, M.A.; Vice President for Administration
      Office of University Campus Services
      Robert A. Valenti, B.S.; Assistant Vice President for Administration
        Louisa Binks; Manager—College at Florham (Follett Higher Education Group)
Jeanne Kiley; Manager—Metropolitan Campus (Follett Higher Education Group)
        Food Service
        Richard Wenskoski; Director—College at Florham (Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.)
Michael Aiello; Director—Metropolitan Campus (Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.)
        Mail Room
        Ron Wilks; Bi-campus Manager (Pitney Bowes Management Service)
        Print Shop/Duplicating
        Charlotte Morey; Bi-campus Manager
        Office of Facilities
        Michael Holland, B.A.; Assistant Vice President for Facilities
    Office of Enrollment Services
    Carol Creekmore; University Director of Enrollment Services
    Office of Finance
    Sheldon Drucker, B.B.A., C.P.A.; Senior Vice President for Finance/Treasurer
Hania Ferrara, M.B.A., C.P.A.; Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller
Peter M. Forman, B.S., C.P.A.; Director of Internal Audit
Frank Lawson, M.B.A.; Director of Budgeting Service
Susan O’Connor, B.S.; University Director of Purchasing
Gregory Sarajian, B.A.; Manager of Accounts Payable
Aeda Ghandour-Khamis, M.B.A.; Manager of Credit and Collections/Student Loan
    Office of Enrollment Management
    Bernetta Millonde, B.A.; Associate Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid
      Peter A. King, J.D.; Director of Graduate Recruitment and Marketing
Andrew Nelson, M.A.; Director of Adult and Part-Time Admissions
Thomas Shea, M.Ed.; University Director of International and Graduate Admissions
      Financial Aid
      Margaret McGrail, M.A.; University Director of Financial Aid
Theresa A. Coll, M.A.; Director of Financial Aid Operations
    Office of Human Resources, Career Development and Risk Management
    Sally C. Hashem, B.S.; Vice President for Human Resources, Career Development and Risk Management
Ann De Meskey; Manager of Employee Relations, Benefits and Sexual Harassment Investigating Officer
John Bacon; Manager of Payroll Audits
Maureen Curry, M.A.; Manager of Employment Salary Administration
Rose D’Ambrosio, B.S.; Manager of Employee Benefits
Julie Friedman; Manager of Human Resource Information Systems and Payroll Operations
      Career Development
      Catherine Love, B.S.; Director
      Risk Management
      William Armstrong, B.A.; Risk Manager
    Office of Information Resources and Technology
    Neal Sturm, M.B.A.; Associate Vice President for Information Resources and Technology
Saul Kleinman, B.A.; University Director of Management Information Systems
Brian Domenick, M.S.; University Director of Information Systems and Technology
Ralph Knapp, B.S.; Director of Computing Services—College at Florham
Robert Pelech, B.S.; Director of Computing Services—Metropolitan Campus
Melanie Scarpa; Manager of Telephone and Voice Services
    Office of Institutional Research
    Indira Govindan, D.Litt.; Director
Joan Krohn, B.S., M.B.A.; Assistant Director
Deborah Eliyahu, M.A.; Research Associate
    Office of Communications and Marketing
    Arthur E. Petrosemolo, M.Ed.; Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Carol T. Black, M.A.; Director of University Publications
Angelo Carfagna, M.A.; Director of Communications and Special Projects
Howard Gilman, B.A.; University Designer
Gretchen Johnson, M.A.; Director of University Relations
William Kennedy, B.A.; Director of Web Operations
Carl J. Kraus, M.A.; Director of Telecommunications
    Office of Government and Community Affairs
    Mark P. Campbell, M.P.A.; Senior Vice President for Government and Community Affairs
Thomas J. Kerr, Ph.D.; Associate Vice President for University Parnerships
Barbara Dawson; Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Government and Community Affairs
    Office of University Advancement
    Richard Reiss, B.S.; Senior Vice President for University Advancement
Jonathan Wolfe, B.A.; Associate Vice President for University Advancement
Susan McConville, B.S.; Executive Director of Development
Marilyn Adamcyk, A.A., B.S.; Director of Development Operations and Systems
Karen Ann Lewis, B.A., M.A.T.; Director of Annual Giving
Helene Pier, B.S.; Director of University Advancement Operations
Laura Reynolds, B.A., Director of Donor Relations and Special Events
Karen DiMaria, B.S., Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Dora Rodriguez, Manager of Research and Records
      Alumni Relations
      Stephen Kimmons, M.A.; Director of Alumni Relations
Michelle Schleibaum, B.S., M.Ed.; Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
      Corporate and Financial Relations
      Chris Groff, B.A., M.S.; Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Marilyn Gross, B.A., M.A.; Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
    College at Florham (For offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see College at Florham campus index)
    Office of Provost
    Kenneth Greene, Ph.D.; Interim Provost
Marilyn Rye, Ph.D.; Assistant Provost
Michael B. Sperling, Ph.D.; Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary, Distributed and Global Learning
Martin Green, Ph.D.; Assistant Provost for Assessment and Planning
Catherine Kelley, Ph.D.; Assistant Provost for Educational Technology
Sandra Selick, M.S.; Director of Educational Technology
Dalila Suhonjic, M.A.T.; Director of Global Virtual Faculty and Distributed Learning Programs
Nicholas D.J. Baldwin, Ph.D.; Dean, Wroxton College
Karen Yates; Special Assistant to the Provost
Rosemary Riccone, B.A.; Assistant to the Provost
      Academic Support Services
        Academic Support Center
        Patricia Geehr, M.S.; Director
        Advising Center
        Deborah Pilipie, B.A.; Director
        Educational Opportunity Fund
        Marjorie A. Hall-Jacques, M.A.; Director
        Preprofessional Graduate Advising
        Joan Desilets, M.Ed.; Director
      Athletics Division III
      William T. Klika, M.A.; Director
      Public Safety
      Willie Thornton; Campus Director
      Richard Frick; University Director
      Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning
      Neil Salzman, Ph.D.; Director
      James W. Marcum, Ph.D.; Director
      Office of International Services
      Eileen Hamme, B.A.; Director
      Regional Center for College Students with Learning Disabilities
      Mary L. Farrell, Ph.D.; Project Director
Vincent J. Varassi, M.A., LDT-C; Acting University Director
Paul Vico, M.A.; College at Florham Director
      University Core
      Leonard Grob, Ph.D.; University Coordinator
James Kuehl, Ph.D.; Director, College at Florham
Francis Ingledew, Ph.D.; Director of Special Programs
      University Honors Programs
      Richard Kopp, Ph.D.; Director—College at Florham
      University Journals and Press
      René Steinke, Ph.D.; Editor-in-Chief of The Literary Review
Harry Keyishian, Ph.D.; Director—Editorial Committee—Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
      Office of the Dean of Students
      Brenda Jackson, Ph.D.; Dean of Students
Michael Smallis, M.Ed.; Associate Dean of Students
        Campus Ministry
        Father Joseph Farias; Director
        Office of Residence Life
        Robert Brown, Jr., M.A.; Director
        Office of Student Life
        Sarah Azavedo, M.A.; Director
        Wellness Center
        Laila Hull, M.A, L.P.C.; Acting Director of Counseling Services
Shirley Smith, R.N.C., M.S.N.; Director of Student Health Services
    Metropolitan Campus (For offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see Metropolitan campus index)
    Office of Provost
    Joseph J. Kiernan, Ph.D.; Provost
Richard Panicucci, M.B.A.; Assistant Provost for Campus Life
Robert L. Greenfield, Ph.D.; Assistant Provost
Linda Lanigan, B.A.; Special Assistant to Provost
Linda Wester; Assistant to Provost
      Grants and Sponsored Projects
      Pat Verost, M.B.A.; Director
      Office of Global Partnerships
      Irwin R. Isquith, Ph.D.; Executive Director for Global Partnerships
Eileen Hamme, B.A.; Director of International Services
      Academic Support Services
        Academic Resource Center
        Susann Demay, M.A., L.D.T.C.; Director
        Advising Center
        Rachel Friend, M.A.; Director
        Educational Opportunity Fund
        Marjorie A. Hall-Jacques, M.A.; Director
        Graduate and Preprofessional Advising
        Anthony J. Adrignolo, M.S.; Director
      Athletics Division I
      David Langford, M.Ed.; Director
      Office of Public Safety
      David A. Miles, A.A.S.; Director
      James Marcum, Ph.D.; Director
Patricia Murray, M.S.L.S.; Head, Circulation
Della O’Malley, M.L.S., M.B.A.; Librarian in Charge, New College Library, New College of General and Continuing Studies
John Bednarz, Ph.D.; Librarian (Reference Instructor)
Mitchell J. Weiss, Ph.D.; Librarian (Reference Instructor)
Kathleen Stein-Smith, M.A., M.S., M.A.; Head of Periodicals and Information Literacy Coordinator
Richard A. Goerner, M.L.S.; Head, Government Documents
Maria Kocylowsky, M.A., M.L.S.; Head, Business Reference Library/New Jersey Documents
Michele Lempert, M.L.S.; Librarian, Business Reference Library
Steven Gromatzky, M.L.S.; System Administrator for Integrated Library Systems
      Center for Psychological Services
      Linda Reddy, Ph.D.; Director
      Regional Center for College Students with Learning Disabilities
      Mary L. Farrell, Ph.D.; Project Director
Vincent J. Varassi, M.A., LDT-C; Acting University Director; Metropolitan Campus Director
      University Core
      Leonard Grob, Ph.D.; University Coordinator and Director, Metropolitan Campus
      University Honors Programs
      M. Patricia Warunek, Ph.D.; Director—Metropolitan Campus
      Office of the Dean of Students
      Beth Reuse, M.Ed.; Dean of Students
Michelle McCroy-Heins, M.A.; Director of Judicial Affairs and Special Projects
        Campus Ministry
        Father Jack Baron, Ph.D.; Director and Catholic Chaplain
        Office of Residence Life
        Jenifer Campbell, M.A.; Director
        Office of Student Life
        S. Craig Mourton, M.P.S., M.S.; Director
        Student Health Services
        Ann Mahan, B.S., R.N., N.P.; Director of Student Health Services/Nurse Practitioner
Alice Mills, Ph.D.; Co-director of Counseling Service
David Mednick, Psy.D.; Co-director of Counseling Service
    Colleges, Institutes, Schools
    Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences
    Barbara Salmore, Ph.D.; Dean
Elizabeth Feeley, M.S.; Associate Dean of Student Services
Elise Salem, Ph.D.; Assistant Dean for Academic Planning
      Biological and Allied Health Sciences Department
      R. Gordon Perry, Ph.D.; Chair
Dale Levine, M.S.; Director, Allied Health Sciences
      Chemistry and Geology Department
      William D. Fordham, Ph.D.; Chair
      English, Communications and Philosophy Department
      Geoffrey Weinman, Ph.D.; Chair
Gary Radford, Ph.D.; Director of Corporate and Organizational Communication Program
      Health and Physical Education Department
      Elizabeth Feeley, M.S.; Chair
      Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department
      Kiron Sharma, Ph.D.; Chair
      Modern Languages and Literature Department
      Patricia Bazán-Figueras, Ph.D.; Chair
      Psychology Department
      Robert M. Chell, Ph.D.; Chair
Diane Keyser Wentworth, Ph.D.; Coordinator of Graduate Programs
Lona Whitmarsh, Ph.D.; Director of M.A. in Clinical/Counseling Program
      Social Sciences and History Department
      David Rosen, Ph.D.; Chair
      Visual and Performing Arts Department
      Elliot Hoffman, M.S.; Chair
    Silberman College of Business
    David M. Steele, Ph.D.; Dean
Govindasami Naadimuthu, P.E., Ph.D.; Interim Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration
Richard Ottaway, Ph.D.; Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
      Accounting, Tax and Law Department
      Robert A. DeFilippis, C.P.A.; Interim Chair
Ron West, J.D.; Director, Tax Program
      Economics, Finance and International Business Department
      Evangelos Djimopoulos, Ph.D.; Interim Chair
      Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department
      K. Paul Yoon, Ph.D.; Interim Chair
      Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department
      James Almeida, Ph.D.; Interim Chair
      Center for Executive Leadership
      Daniel F. Twomey, D.B.A.; Executive Director
Peter Caliguari, M.B.A; Director of Executive Programs
      Center for Health Care Management Studies
      Donald Zimmerman, Ph.D.; Executive Director
      Center for Human Resource Management Studies
      Daniel F. Twomey, D.B.A.; Executive Director
      George Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies
      James Barrood, M.B.A.; Interim Director
      Institute of Global Business Education
      Karin Hamilton, M.B.A.; Director
    New College of General and Continuing Studies
    Kenneth T. Vehrkens, M.A., M.A.T.; Dean
Mark P. Campbell, M.P.A.; Executive Associate Dean
Ronald E. Calissi, M.B.A., J.D.; Executive Associate Dean for Off-campus Credit Programs
Thomas B. Swanzey, Ph.D.; Associate Dean
      School of Administrative Science
      Ronald E. Calissi, M.B.A., J.D.; Director
      International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
      Richard J.A. Wisch, Ed.D.; Director
      Public Administration Institute
      William Roberts, Ph.D.; Director
      Division of Continuing Education
      Diana Balasis, J.D.; Director of Paralegal Studies Program
Denise Hart, Ed.D.; Director of Adult Education
Agnes Taylor, Ed.D.; Director of Fort Monmouth-Eatontown
Malcolm L. Sturchio, D.Sc.; Director of Center for Elementary Science
Richard M. Bettencourt, M.A., M.B.A.; Executive Director
Joan Leder, B.S.; Senior Program Director
Diane Mora, A.A.; Senior Program Director
Karen Nelson, M.B.A.; Senior Program Director
      Freshman Intensive Studies Program
      Rendell Mabey, Ph.D.; Director
      Interdisciplinary Studies Program
      Richard Castellana, Ph.D.; Director
    University College: Arts • Sciences • Professional Studies
    John Snyder, Ph.D.; Dean
Albert D. Schielke, M.S.; Associate Dean
      School of Communication Arts
      Duane D. Edwards, Ph.D.; Director
      School of Computer Sciences and Engineering
      Alfredo C. Tan, Ph.D.; Director
Howard Silver, Ph.D.; Deputy Director, Engineering, Engineering Technology and Information Technology
Vladimir Zwass, Ph.D.; Deputy Director, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, E-commerce and Mathematics
Melvin Lewis, M.S.E.E.; Associate Director, Engineering, Engineering Technology and Information Technology
JoAnna Mitchell, M.S.; Associate Director of Computer Science, Management Information Systems, E-commerce and Mathematics
      School of Criminal Justice
      Robert Vodde, M.P.A, M.A., CPP, CPM, FBI-NA; Director
      Peter Sammartino School of Education
      Mary L. Farrell, Ed.D.; Interim Director
Vicki L. Cohen, Ed.D.; Deputy Director
Marlene Rosenbaum, Ed.D.; Associate Director, College at Florham
Carl Schavio, Ed.D.; Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program
John Edwin Cowen, Ed.D.; Program Coordinator, M.A.T. Elementary Education
Vicki L. Cohen, Ed.D.; Program Coordinator, Instructional Technology Certificate Program
Marie Simone, Ed.D. ; Program Coordinator, QUEST/B.A.-M.A.T., Metropolitan Campus
Mary Farrell, Ph.D.; Program Director, Learning Disabilities
Daniel Arnoff, M.A.; Assistant Director, Field Placement, College at Florham
Vincent Marton, M.A.; Assistant Director, Field Placement, Records and Career Services
Jeffrey Ross, M.A.; Field-based Coordinator, Educational Leadership
      School of History, Political and International Studies
      Faramarz S. Fatemi, Ph.D.; Director
Helen G. Brudner, Ph.D.; Associate Director
      School of Natural Sciences
      David C. Flory, Ph.D. ; Director
Antoinette M. Anastasia, Ed.D.; Associate Director
      Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health
      Minerva Guttman, Ed.D.; Director
Susan Warren, Ph.D.; Associate Director of Allied Health and Graduate Program
      Department of Physical Education
      David Langford, M.Ed.; Athletic Director
Catherine M. Liggett; Coordinator
      School of Psychology
      Christopher A. Capuano, Ph.D.; Director
Ronald Dumont, Ed.D.; Director, Psy.D. and M.A. Programs in School Psychology
Andrew Eisen, Ph.D.; Director, Child Anxiety Disorders Clinic
Judith Kaufman, Ph.D.; Director, M.A. Program in General-Theoretical Psychology
Neil Massoth, Ph.D.; Director, Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology
Linda Reddy, Ph.D.; Director, Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic and Center for Psychological Services
Teresa Donati, Ph.D.; Coordinator, Sociology Program
Janet Sigal, Ph.D.; Coordinator, B.A./M.A. Program in General-Theoretical Psychology