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Human Resources

Vision coverage claim form
Salary reduction agreement form
Dental coverage claim form
Health care coverage claim form
Flexible Spending Account Overview
Flexible Spending Account Questions
job openings
icon for pointers off this pageFDU Job Postings
Note: Anticipated faculty openings are no longer separately posted but appear with the full FDU job postings.
Sexual Harassment Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Travel and Business Expense Policies
Travel and Business Expense Procedures
Winning Edge Policy
required notices
icon for pointers off this pageNotices to Employees: Federal Labor Law Posters
Notices to Employees: State Labor Law Posters
Full-time faculty
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Personal Web Pages
Employee Handbook
Professional Administrative Senate
Administration and Staff
Admin/staff Personal Web Pages
Pillars of FDU
Appraisal of Potential
Self Performance Evaluation
Non-Exempt Staff Annual Review
Local 153 Collective Bargaining Agreement
Local 153 Table of Contents and Index (provided as a separate document to avoid repaginating the legal document)

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