July, 2003

No changes except for continuing seasonal (quarterly) update of image pairs rotation -- usually 10 pairs.

FDU Main Page Design History

November, 2002

New menu added across top of page, so that left menu is "what you want to know" and top menu is "who you are." Link for globaleducation.


November, 1999

Major redesign with new graphic concept. The image in the circle is changed each week.


May, 2002

Complete redesign by Communications and Marketing based on concept from University Webmaster, to emphasize two campuses.


April, 1999

Info about preferred browsers dropped from bottom of page. Sports links labelled with text.


September, 2001

Calendar images replaced by text links, to allow space for brief news item links at upper right. Links to global education and PublicMind. Page is now fixed-width.


December, 1998

Same design but with black background to match then-current admissions materials.


June, 2001

Text links replace pull-down menus in Count on FDU section. Leader in Global Education tagline added to logo.


December, 1997

First design by University Webmaster. Three images from admissions materials change from time to time, but not on a set schedule.


May, 2001

University-wide calendar replaced by separate calendars for each campus.


June, 1997

Design by off-campus consultant. Animated GIF shows sequence of images.


November, 2000

Major redesign to allow more links to appear directly on the main page. Each refresh of the main page brings three small images from a library of over 100 images.


December, 1996

FDU website goes live in 1996 with simple table-free design.