FDU Magazine Online - Summer/Fall 2007

  When the war in
  Iraq began in
  2003, military
  personnel and
  reservists knew
  it would be only
  a matter of time
  before their
  numbers would
  be called and
  they would serve
  a tour of duty in
  the country.
  Though they
  didnít all share
  the same experi-
  ences, FDU
  alumni, faculty
  and students
  have been in-
  volved on many
Magazine takes a
  look at five peo-
  ple from different
  walks of life and
  their unique
  experiences in
  the Middle East.


Battlefield Surgeon Proud to Have Served

A Soldier's Story

Refugees Tell Volunteer of Desparate Plights

Nursing the Wounded

Balancing the Scales of Justice

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