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“The world is changing and students today do not learn in the same way as previous generations,” said College at Florham Provost Kenneth Greene. “Much of their learning happens outside the classroom, by engaging their professors and other students and through the use of technology.

“There is a great need on our campus for a center that supports a progressive education and the methods students use today to interact with their world and to gather and retain information,” said Greene.

FDU NOW will respond to these needs at the College at Florham by creating a new resource facility that meets the growing demands of 21st-century learners and faculty researchers and scholars.

Fred and Noreen Hassan have
made a major contribution
to the campaign.
Initiated by a $1 million leadership gift from alumnus and former University trustee John Monninger, BS’65 (M), and his wife, Joan, the Monninger Center for Learning and Research will feature new research technology and open, flexible spaces for lectures, events and group study. Smaller spaces will be provided for individual study and research.

“The Monninger Center is a statement of our commitment to educational excellence,” said Greene. “It will be the academic hub of the campus. Students and faculty will be able to come together in ways that they haven’t been able to before, to collaborate and engage one another in a technologically advanced and comfortable environment. I am convinced that the Monninger Center, when completed, will be the most important building on campus.”

The Monninger Center will “grow” from the current library’s structure and provide a new learning environment that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The architects have been charged with designing a facility that utilizes natural light, takes advantage of recycled materials and has a minimal impact on the environment.

In addition to John and Joan Monninger, major contributors to the Monninger Center include Fred Hassan, the chairman and CEO of Schering-Plough Corporation, and his wife Noreen. “Giving people an opportunity to expand their learning experience is one of the best acts of humanity,” they said. “We look forward to seeing more students benefit and grow.”

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“The world is changing and students today do not learn in the same way as previous generations.”
— College at Florham Provost Kenneth Greene


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