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FDU NOW Offers a View
of FDU Tomorrow


FDU NOW will respond to the needs of students on the Metropolitan Campus by providing funds for a renovated Student Union Building (SUB).

“The social component of campus life is an important and integral part of the FDU student experience,” said Metropolitan Campus Provost Joseph Kiernan “A substantially renovated Student Union Building will provide a place where students can come together in a relaxed setting to make new friends, attend student organizational meetings and social events, join informal study groups and interact with students from other countries and cultures.”

The Student Union Building at the Metropolitan Campus will undergo significant renovations as a result of the campaign.
The facility will feature
an auditorium and an expanded ballroom that can accommodate large events. In addition, renovation plans call for more spaces for expanded student programming and offices for student clubs, the radio station and The Equinox, the student newspaper.

“This new student facility,” said Kiernan, “will meet the demand for an enhanced and more vibrant co-curricular experience for our students. In addition, the renovated SUB will provide the University with a major recruitment and marketing tool for the Metropolitan Campus.”

Metropolitan Campus student Harvandna Singh said, “The new Student Union will make a tremendous difference in our lives. We need a place where we can meet with friends and other students to talk about assignments and take a break between classes.”

“So much of what we learn,” Singh added, “comes from talking with our peers and professors outside the classroom setting.”

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“The world is changing and students today do not learn in the same way as previous generations.”
— College at Florham Provost Kenneth Greene


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