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With successful teams and stellar scholar-athletes, the University’s Division I and Division III programs boast proud traditions of excellence. “Our student-athletes make every effort at the highest levels when representing their University,” said Division I Director of Athletics David Langford. “They continuously strive to excel both on and off the playing field.”

“They have a lot of heart,” said Division III Director of Athletics Bill Klika. “If you’ve never been to one of our games, you’re missing out.

“The support of the FDU community for our athletes is very special and is essential to our well-being and success,” added Klika. “We’re a close family.”
A College at Florham senior from Franklin, N.J., Laura Elmo is earning her undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and teaching under the five-year QUEST program. Following graduation she plans to teach in New Jersey.

A member of the field hockey team, Elmo serves as president of the Student Athletic Council. “The field hockey team is the reason why I came to FDU,” Elmo said. “I heard the team was getting a new field, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

She added, “Campaign support for athletics programs will generate a lot of excitement for our teams. I think it will bring more students to the games and boost school spirit.”
FDU NOW will directly impact athletics programs by enabling FDU to conduct a major upgrade of its athletics and recreation facilities at both New Jersey campuses.

Enhancements at the Metropolitan Campus will include renovations at the North End Complex, home to the University’s baseball, soccer and tennis programs. At the College at Florham, the campaign will provide a new tennis complex, softball field and soccer and lacrosse fields.

“Our athletes deserve the best. These facilities will directly support their ability to remain competitive in one of the most difficult Division III conferences in the country,” Klika said.

Langford added, “Upgrades on our campus will make a tremendous difference in our program and our ability to recruit top-level student-athletes.”

In addition to supporting facility enhancements, the campaign will impact the University’s Athletic Annual Fund, providing funds that meet the growing costs of running FDU’s athletics programs each year. Donations can be designated to either Division I or Division III athletics.

Early campaign commitments to FDU athletics programs include a $440,000 gift from alumna and University Trustee Mary Kay Mastronardy Stratis, BA’69 (R), MAT’71 (T), for a new indoor running track at the George and Phyllis Rothman Center on the Metropolitan Campus.

Discussing her gift, Stratis said, “I am happy to be able to facilitate the replacement of the track and auxiliary courts and witness the renewal of spirit, use and functionality for this wonderful facility.”

Langford added, “We are very lucky to have an alumna like Mary Kay Stratis. She has given so much of her time and talents to our University.”

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“I am happy to be able to facilitate the replacement of the track and auxiliary courts and witness the renewal of spirit, use and functionality for this wonderful facility.”
— FDU alumna and University Trustee Mary Kay Mastronardy Stratis


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