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FDU NOW Offers a View
of FDU Tomorrow


FDU’s unrestricted annual giving program provides the University with a solid foundation of support. The Fund for FDU impacts all areas, from academic programs and campus facilities to student and faculty resources and distance learning initiatives.

“Contributions to the Fund for FDU directly impact the welfare of the University and provide an outstanding education for students,” said David Knee, BA’88 (M), co-chair of the Fund for FDU Committee.

FDU NOW will focus on expanding the University’s annual giving program in order to have the flexibility to support the University’s key priorities.

“Increased support for the fund,” said Co-chair Linda Bowden, MBA’83 (T), “will bring new scholarships, more support for faculty and student research, new academic programs and unique opportunities for learning around the world.”

“There really is no reason why every graduate of this University should not make a gift to the Fund for FDU,” said Knee. “No matter what the amount, we want to encourage everyone to give. At the end of the day, it is a tremendous amount of support that could have an amazing impact at the University.”
A senior from the Township of Washington, N.J., Metropolitan Campus student Andrew Restivo will graduate in spring 2007 with a degree in construction engineering technology. He is the president of the Student Government Association and the former president of the Commuter Council. After graduation, he plans to work as a construction project manager in Northern New Jersey and pursue a graduate degree in either engineering or architecture.

Of the campaign’s focus on the endowment for scholarships and other initiatives, Restivo said, “I have been fortunate to receive both academic and need-based scholarships. Scholarships give opportunities for deserving individuals to continue their education and excel in life.”

“As we look back upon the legacy of this institution,” said President Adams, “we witness the work of Peter Sammartino and his bold adventure; we are inspired by extraordinary individuals and everyday heroes who met challenges with conviction and brought us to this very point.

“The success of FDU NOW will usher in a new era of distinction. Let today’s FDU students and those who come here in the future say of us that we did the right thing at the right time.”

He concluded, “We are launching FDU NOW energized by the strength and support of our community. With the help of our alumni and friends, we will continue to fulfill our vision of global education and propel this University to its rightful place as a prominent leader in higher education.”

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“Increased support for the fund will bring new scholarships, more support for faculty and student research, new academic programs and unique opportunities for learning around the world.”
— Campaign
Co-chair Linda Bowden,
MBA’83 (T)


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