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Honoree Morrine Omolo

Student Pinnacle Award, Metropolitan Campus

Morrine Omolo, an international student from Kenya, left her family and country to study biochemistry at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

“Whether you’re in Kenya or America, it’s the hard work that counts,” she says. And worked hard she has. First at securing a scholarship from Zawadi Africa, an NGO (non-governmental office) that sponsors African women so that they can study in the United States, and then every moment since she arrived on FDU’s campus. Since she arrived, Omolo has worked in the Undergraduate Admissions Office, for University College’s Dean Patti Mills, volunteered at a nearby hospital in the oncology wing, interned with Metropolitan Neurosurgeons at Englewood and FDU’s Office of Global Learning, mentored a sophomore student and joined the pre-health professional’s club on campus.

Her most notable contribution on campus, however, may be her commitment to the Student Government Association and her position as the ASC-US senator. In that role, Omolo coordinated with students and Gourmet Dining representatives to change the meal plan and to improve the relationship between students and other auxiliary service providers.

Omolo’s post-graduation plans are to work for a year to make enough money to go home and visit her family, whom she has not seen since her studies in America began. Then she has plans to attend graduate school here in the United States.

Honoree Omolo FULL

Student Pinnacle Award Winner

Metropolitan Campus