Your Semester Schedule

During orientation I completed a Schedule Planning Guide (SPG) asking me about my preferences for courses.  Why aren’t some of those courses on my schedule?

When registering students for courses, noted preferences are always taken into consideration.  However, they
can not always be guaranteed due to several reasons:  course availability, curriculum requirements and placement test results.

I have AP credits and/or Middle College credits.  How do I get credit for those courses?

In order to have your AP credits and/or Middle College credits posted, please send official transcripts or AP score reports to the FDU Admissions Office as soon as possible.  If the FDU Admissions Office has not yet received a copy, you will be scheduled for classes based on your placement tests.   You will need to contact your academic department or Advisement Center prior to the beginning of the semester if you need to alter your schedule. It would be in your best interest to have this information sent to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.  If you have questions regarding your AP credits, please contact Ms. Coleen Curtis in the Admissions Office at 201-682-2732 or via email at  If you have questions regarding your Middle College credits, please contact Ms. Barbara Torna, Program Director of the Middle College Program at 201-692-6504 or via email at

I have a course on my schedule called “SOS exams”. What are SOS exams?

Selected math, sciences, and engineering technology courses may require the participation in the Support Our Students (SOS) program. The SOS program is designed to provide additional support and enhance all students academic success.  For more information, please visit

What is Freshman Seminar?

Freshman Seminar is a 1 credit course required for graduation by all students attending FDU.  This program helps students make a successful transition from high school to college.  It provides entering students with a learning experience that supports them during their first semester at FDU. 

Do I have to take a Foreign Language?

Certain majors may require a Language and Culture (foreign language) sequence consisting of two courses. Some students will begin this sequence during their first semester.  You will be placed in the appropriate course level based on your Foreign Language Skills Placement test &/or responses to certain questions on your Schedule Planning Guide.

I am interested in the QUEST Teacher Preparation program.  Can I take an Education course my first semester?

Students already accepted into the QUEST program will be registered for EDUC 1108 Seminar in Professional Practice I: The Teacher’s Role in School & Community (3 credits). Students who place into developmental courses may be required to delay entrance into QUEST until completing developmental courses.  If you are interested in QUEST but have not yet spoken to the QUEST Coordinator, please contact Dr. Miriam Singer at 201-692-2853 or through email at