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FDU News Highlights

James Barrood

James Barrood, Executive Director of the nationally recognized Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship at Silberman College of Business, has been a leading advocate for entrepreneurship, family business and innovation since 1997. He was honored as the 2008 Small Business Advocate by the New York Enterprise Report. Barrood sits on several boards including the NJ State Chamber and US Chamber's Center for Entrepreneurship. He is frequently quoted in print and online media and appears on TV programs to discuss entrepreneurship and innovation. He is the editor of the multimedia book, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Global Insights from 24 Leaders and co-author of the forthcoming book, Lessons from the Great Recession.

Bruce Peabody

Bruce Peabody, Associate Professor of Political Science, bridges scholarshi p and contemporary public affairs. His recent work considers, for example, whether to televise the Supreme Court of the United States, how to reform our presidential succession laws, and the benefits of a national parenting advocate. Dr. Peabody's forthcoming book, Judiciary Under Siege: Courts, Politics, and the Public (Johns Hopkins University Press) examines critiques from both major parties of our state and federal courts. Peabody's research has been cited by the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Harvard Political Review, and the Congressional Research Service, among others.

Rajesh Chandrashekaran

Rajesh Chandrashekaran, Professor of Marketing, is an expert on the psychological effects of marketers' price communication tactics. His research explores cognitive and emotional responses associated with the processing of price and related, non-numerical marketing cues. Dr. Chandrashekaran also has a creative passion - writing screenplays and directing (short) films. His most recent short film - A Ghost Story (2009) - was screened at several film festivals and was judged Best Short Film at a film competition in Philadelphia. He is on the programming committee of NJISACF - a cine fest that promotes South Asian Independent Cinema from across the world.

Judith Kaufman

Judith Kaufman is professor of psychology and director of school psychology training. She and her research team of doctoral students have been investigating challenges and opportunities during emerging adulthood, that developmental period between adolescence and adulthood. Targets for investigation include the contribution of self-care, mindfulness and self-reflection, goal orientation, engagement with and adjustment to the campus environment, coping strategies, retention and ultimately, college completion. Her research team hypothesizes that facilitating successful adjustment during the emerging adulthood years will reduce mental health and relationship challenges later in life.

Ernest Kovacs

Ernest Kovacs, Assistant Professor of Administrative Science, came to FDU from the New Jersey Department of Transportation where he provided services for over 5,500 employees as Manager of Training and Organizational Development. Dr. Kovacs utilizes his government experience and academic expertise on management and organizational development to add practical content to his courses in administrative science, sports administration and the university's Certified Public Managers Program, a program run in partnership with the State of New Jersey, Human Resource Development Institute.

Donalee Brown

The recent economic crisis, combined with the first wave of retirements by baby boomers, is forcing a reevaluation of dated financial planning models and focusing new attention on the study of behavioral finance. Both are areas of research for Dr. Donalee Brown, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling. Her most recent published article on investor attachment style and financial advisor loyalty appeared in The Journal of Behavioral Finance. This seminal article was chosen as one of the year's most relevant studies for financial analysts by Chartered Financial Analyst and republished in their Digest.

James Kenny

James F. Kenny, Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice, came to FDU after holding supervisory positions in Field Investigations and Special Procedures at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Dr. Kenny teaches courses in criminology, victimology, juvenile delinquency and white-collar crime. Additionally, Dr. Kenny leads professional training seminars in the prevention of school and workplace violence, bullying, stalking and partner abuse. He has advised numerous companies and government entities including the U.S. Justice Department, National Victim Center, N.J. Superior Court, Bergen County Prosecutor, U.S. Postal Service, N.J. Department of Education and Virginia Tech University.

Minerva S. Guttman

FDU's Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, under the leadership of Dr. Minerva Guttman, has grown to become one of the finest in the country, with affiliations with over 30 New Jersey hospitals. The popular program added a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in 2007 and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2008. Major funding for FDU's nursing program includes such esteemed supporters as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, Becton Dickinson, and Hearst Foundation. Dr. Guttman, a graduate of Columbia University, has published numerous articles in nursing journals and received multiple awards from nursing organizations.

Howard Libov

Howard Libov, Professor of Film, saw his latest feature film Favorite Son (2010) play in film festivals nationwide and receive a theatrical release at Chicago's Facets Cinematechque. Favorite Son won Best Director for Libov at the Hoboken International Film Festival and the Best Theatrical Feature award at Houston's Worldfest. Libov's previous documentary film, Fourteen Stations, played at New York City's famed Angelika Theatre, several museums and festivals, and is in distribution now with The Cinema Guild. His latest film, AGLOW, profiles the work of artist Paul Chojnowski, who paints with fire. Professor Libov designed a video production and screenwriting curriculum that is in more than 3,000 youth centers operated by The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Ethné Swartz

Ethné Swartz, Associate Professor and Chair of the Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies program at the Silberman College of Business, is a native of South Africa where she worked for General Motors and Kodak. Prior to joining FDU, Dr. Swartz taught Corporate Strategy in England. She currently serves on the board of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The second edition of her book Business Continuity: A Crisis Management Approach was published December 2009. Dr. Swartz's research has appeared in a variety of publications including Journal of Applied Management Studies, Business Horizons, and International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research.

Lloyd Ultan

It is unlikely that anyone knows more about the Bronx than Lloyd Ultan, professor of history in Petrocelli College. Ultan has written nine books on the Bronx, including The Birth of the Bronx, 1609-1900 and The Beautiful Bronx. His latest book, The Northern Borough, is the first one-volume general history of the Bronx written since 1912. Ultan was appointed in 1966 by the Bronx Borough President as the official borough historian, a post he continues to hold today. Ultan has gained renown for his walking tours of the borough, considered by many to be one of the best walking tours in New York City.

Kyati Y. Joshi

Associate Professor of Education Khyati Joshi is an internationally recognized scholar on cultural and religious pluralism in America, especially with respect to immigrant communities. In 2009, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe invited her to address legislators and attorneys from its 56 member nations on the development of hate crimes legislation. In New Jersey and the surrounding region, she provides professional development training for school districts to foster equity and reduce the achievement gap. Her book, New Roots in America's Sacred Ground: Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in Indian America, received an award from the National Association for Multicultural Education.

Robert Vodde

Robert F. Vodde, director of the School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, came to FDU after a 25-year career in law enforcement, including 10 years as chief of police in Leonia, N.J. He holds a Ph.D. in criminology and a master's in public administration. As a Certified Public Manager and graduate of the FBI National Academy, Dr. Vodde works with policing agencies worldwide in researching the application of learning theory and andragogy (methods for teaching adults) in basic police training. His recent book, Andragogical Instruction for Effective Police Training (Cambria, 2009), finds that recruits prefer such methods over traditional police training because of the emphasis on experiential and collaborative learning.

Katharine Loeb

Dr. Katharine L. Loeb, Associate Professor of Psychology, is a highly respected researcher in the identification and treatment of eating disorders. Loeb came to FDU from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where she founded the Eating and Weight Disorders Program. The National Institute of Mental Health awarded Dr. Loeb a grant to identify youths at risk for anorexia nervosa. The program enlists parents as the primary change agents in recovery. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development awarded Dr. Loeb a grant to adapt the family-based intervention model to obese adolescents.

Sorin Tuluca

Sorin Tuluca, Professor of Finance, has written extensively on economic and financial conditions. His research has appeared in multiple journals, including the International Journal of Economic Perspectives, Global Business and Finance Review, and The Journal of Wealth Management. Dr. Tuluca's commentary on finance appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Record, The Press of Atlantic City, WCBS 880, Asbury Park Press, and The Philadelphia Tribune. Most recently, he has analyzed the quarterly reports by FDU's PublicMind on New Jersey consumer views.

Glennena Haynes-Smith

Glennena Haynes-Smith, associate professor in the Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, specializes in primary care and diabetes education. She came to FDU in 1997 from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New York and New Jersey. Haynes-Smith holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Case Western Reserve University and was active in the U.S. Army Reserve for 21 years, retiring in February 2010 at the rank of Lt. Colonel. Dr. Haynes-Smith served in Iraq with the United States Army Nurse Corp. from June 2005 through June 2006. She currently sits on both the Human Rights Committee and the Committee for Nuclear Disarmament and Weapons Proliferation at the United Nations.

Joseph Devine

Joseph Devine, assistant professor in the Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies' School of Administrative Science, is an expert on organizational leadership and homeland security. He came to FDU after 25 years of public service, including serving as chief of police of Rockaway Township, chief of investigations for the Morris County Prosecutor's Office and lead instructor for the West Point Leadership and Command Program. Devine is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is active with the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals. At FDU, he teaches graduate courses in administrative science and sports administration and is an instructor in the University's statewide Certified Public Managers Program.

Carol Karpinski

Carol Karpinski is an Assistant Professor of Education and Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching program. Dr. Karpinski is currently exploring the leadership of African American educators and the role of teacher associations in support of social justice. Her book, A Visible Company of Professionals: African Americans and the National Education Association During the Civil Rights Movement (2008), examines the relationship between black and white educators in their pursuit of professional and educational equity. Dr. Kapinski's work as an educational historian has appeared in Urban Education, the Journal of Educational Administration, Paedagogica Historica, and the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership.

Andrew Eisen

Andrew Eisen, professor of psychology, is a nationally renowned expert in child anxiety who was recently profiled by New York Times parenting columnist Michael Winerip. Dr. Eisen's current research examines how anxiety can make children socially vulnerable, subject to shunning or bullying by their peers. A licensed psychologist, Eisen directs FDU's Child Anxiety Disorders Clinic. His books include "Helping Your Socially Vulnerable Child: What To Do When Your Child Is Shy, Socially Anxious, Withdrawn or Bullied"; "Treating Childhood Behavioral and Emotional Problems: A Step-by-Step Evidence-Based Approach" and "Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety or School Refusal: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents."

Rene Steinke

Rene Steinke, Associate Professor, Department of Literature, Languages, Writing, and Philosophy, teaches creative writing at FDU and is the Editor-at-Large of FDU's The Literary Review. She is the author of two successful novels, The Fires and Holy Skirts. The second novel was a finalist for the 2005 National Book Award in fiction and listed among the best books for 2005 by both the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsday, and TriQuarterly.

Dennis J. Scotti

Health-care expert Dennis J. Scotti holds the Alfred E. Driscoll Professorship in Healthcare and Life Sciences Management at FDU. Dr. Scotti has published numerous articles on health-care management and policy, and is credentialed as a certified healthcare financial professional and certified managed care professional. He holds fellowships in the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the American College of Healthcare Executives, which honored him with a Regents Leadership Award. Scotti's most recent research  on health-care service quality was published in the fall 2009 volume of the Journal of Health and Human Services Administration.

Marie Roberts

Marie Roberts, Professor of Art at FDU, teaches painting and drawing. She is best known for her contribution to American popular culture as artist in residence at the nonprofit Coney Island USA, where she recreated the American Sideshow banner. Roberts' work has been featured at the Brooklyn Museum, PS1/MOMA, BAM, the Bergen Museum, and at the Rivington Gallery in London as well as on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel. She has been highlighted in the books "City Lights: Stories About New York"; "Coney Island Lost & Found"; and "100 NY Painters." She regularly turns up on YouTube, most recently in Sideshow Picasso. Her banners were the inspiration for a recent episode of the television series Cake Boss.

William Schuber

William "Pat" Schuber, senior lecturer in administrative science, came to FDU after serving as county executive of Bergen County for 12 years. He also served in the New Jersey Assembly for nine years and as mayor of Bogota. Schuber teaches graduate courses in FDU's Administrative Science, Sports Administration, and Homeland Security programs, and is an instructor for FDU's Certified Public Managers program. He is the seminar director for the Bergen LEADS Program and teaches the Police Executive Leadership Course sponsored by the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police and the New Jersey State Police. Schuber is the author of scholarly articles and books on leadership and homeland security.

Vicki Cohen

Vicki L. Cohen, professor and director of the Peter Sammartino School of Education, specializes in literacy, instructional technology and assessment. Dr. Cohen co-authored the textbook "Literacy for Children in an Information Age" (Cengage Learning, 2007), which describes how to effectively use technology in teaching literacy skills to children. The book's second edition was published earlier this year. She has presented her research at International Reading Association meetings in this country and Europe. Cohen is currently working on a project with the New Jersey Department of Education on assessing teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

Gary Radford

Gary P. Radford, professor of communication studies, writes on topics as varied as John Locke, subliminal persuasion, and the literary theorist Umberto Eco. Known for making connections between popular culture and academic theories, he has written three books, including "On the Philosophy of Communication" (Wadsworth, 2004). His latest book, "Communication Theory at the Crossroads: Responding to Globalization, Pluralism and Collaborative Needs," will be published this year. Radford is president of the Semiotics and Communication Division of the National Communication Association and editor of the Atlantic Journal of Communication. He also plays lead guitar for The Professors, a blues-rock band.

Krista Jenkins

When young people voted in historic numbers in 2008, some questioned whether this was a permanent change or a momentary blip explained by the “Obama factor.” Dr. Krista Jenkins, associate professor of political science, studies generational differences in behavior and attitudes, with an emphasis on youth. Her co-authored book, A New Engagement? Political Participation, Civic Life, and the Changing American Citizen (Oxford University Press) addresses how young people differ politically from older Americans and analyzes their turnout in elections.

Jonathan Schiff

Jonathan Schiff, Professor of Accounting, who has been referred to by The Wall Street Journal as "an authority on corporate internal controls,” is the author of over 70 articles and research reports in both academic and practitioner outlets. His most recent article, "Cost Leadership for the Current Challenge," appears in the November 2009 issue of Strategic Finance magazine. He is also the co-author of a Harvard Business School Case on this timely subject. The Bureau of National Affairs will publish his practice portfolio on contingent liability reporting in 2010. Schiff also advises large global companies, including American Express, GE, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson and JPMorgan Chase, on accounting practices and staff development.

Paulette Laubsch

Paulette Laubsch developed and directs FDU’s Master of Science in Homeland Security program, the first of its kind in the state. An associate professor of administrative science, Dr. Laubsch came to FDU after serving 30 years with the N.J. Department of Labor, where she was Assistant Commissioner of Employment Security and Job Training.  Dr. Laubsch also directs FDU’s Certified Public Managers program in partnership with the state Human Resource Development Institute and is president of the Certified Public Manager Society of New Jersey; previously she was president of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers.

David Rosen

Anthropology professor David M. Rosen is an expert on child soldiers. His book Armies of the Young: Child Soldiers in War and Terrorism analyzes the factors that draw children into violent conflict, and his article “Child Soldiers, International Humanitarian Law and the Globalization of Childhood” was one of the most frequently downloaded anthropology articles in 2009. Rosen, who has done research in Sierra Leone, Israel and Kenya, is currently studying the war crimes trial at the Special Court for Sierra Leone and at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Dr. Rosen has a law degree in addition to his Ph.D. in anthropology.

Lois Gordon

Author Lois Gordon, University Distinguished Professor of English, is celebrated for her work in drama and 20th century American culture. Her Nancy Cunard: Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist (2007) profiles the extravagant life and loves of the rebellious socialite. Garnering a glowing review on the cover of the New York Times Book Review, the book led to blitz of media interviews for Gordon, plus a film option. American Chronicle: Year by Year through the Twentieth Century (Yale, 1999) won several major awards, was a Book-of-the-Month and History Book Club selection, and sold over 80,000 copies. Gordon’s books on Nobel laureates Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett are recognized as seminal works.

Vladimir Zwass

When the Encyclopaedia Britannica needed the definitive expert to write entries on computer science and e-commerce, it turned to Vladimir Zwass, Gregory Olsen Chair and University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Management Information Systems (MIS).  Dr. Zwass is the founding editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Electronic Commerce, the leading scholarly journal in its field, and also the prestigious Journal of Management Information Systems. The author of six textbooks, he is also editing a multivolume codification of MIS knowledge. Zwass’ international reputation leads to speaking invitations worldwide and he is co-chairing the world’s largest mobile-commerce conference, to be held in Athens in June 2010.

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