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  Options for Departments and Others 


It is important for users of FDU web-based resources to know when they are viewing university-maintained pages and when they are viewing Personal Pages. The green "road sign" is shown whenever a user is linking from a university-maintained page to a Personal Page. 


The University Webmaster is accountable to the administration for format and content of the university-maintained pages. Personal Pages are maintained by individuals.  Because they utilize FDU computer resources they must comply with the University's Acceptable Use Policy.  Within the limits of that policy they are not regulated as to format or content. 

Options for Departments and Others

Individual units of the University have the option to build and operate web pages in any of three ways: 
  1. Create and maintain Personal Pages under the user id of the department chairman, project manager, or any other member of the faculty, staff, or student body.  The unit retains complete control over timing of changes to the pages, and (acceptable use permitting) over content.
  2. Create web pages and submit them through the responsible Dean, Provost or Vice President for installation and maintenance by the University Webmaster.  The University provides a template and a central library of graphics so that these pages will share a common format.  The University also provides an attribution page so that the contributions of the individual web authors are recognized.
  3. Request central development of web pages to the unit's specifications.  This option of course means that the request will be queued with other requests for the University's web development resources.
Personal Pages will often be updated more frequently, be directed at more specific audiences (e.g. students in a particular class or section), and utilize more advanced capabilities of the world wide web.  In many cases there will be links from one or more pages of the University web site to Personal Pages.  Whenever a user selects a link from a University page to a Personal Page, a notice is shown. 

For additional information, or for any questions about this issue, please contact University Webmaster

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FDU · web resources · help

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