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   Please Note: You do not need an ID and password on the FDU alpha computer to participate in these courses, as you did for last year's sessions. 
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Cooking Up Web Pages, etc.

on-line "handout" for Pagetoaster workshop

The goal of the web authoring courses offered by the University Webmaster is to equip faculty and staff-members to build and maintain their own web pages. By far the easiest way to do this in the Spring of 2000 is to use the FDU Pagetoaster

In April, 2000, we will hold short (2-hour) workshops. During each workshop, we will expect (and assist!) each attendee to complete all the steps involved in creating a Pagetoaster webpage: 

  • browse Pagetoaster pages already created and get ideas from what others have done
  • review images in the Pagetoaster Gallery of images and choose four images to appear on the page
  • confirm correct email address and make sure it appears in the Pagetoaster database
  • by filling out a Pagetoaster form on the web, create a new webpage
  • view the new page on the World Wide Web
  • by editing entries in a Pagetoaster form on the web, update the new page
  • look at advanced features of Pagetoaster and consider whether to use them
  • have a picture taken for inclusion in the Gallery

  • As the web laboratories have only 18 stations, you must register to attend a workshop, to insure that we have place for you. 

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    FDU · web campus · web resources · help
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