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Once you have an email address, you may wish to subscribe to fdu-fyi, a mailing list that brings you information about events at the University.

To subscribe, send an email message to majordomo@fdu.edu. Make the first line of the body of the message 
subscribe fdu-fyi

In that same message, you may also want to subscribe to one or both of the campus-specific email lists:
subscribe fm-info
subscribe th-campus-info

Each command should be on a single separate line of the message.

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Web and Email Access

FDU Webmail
update email address

Other system/network ids

For access to FDU servers and systems other than Webmail, the first step is always a visit to your nearest campus computer lab. Lab staff will help you request an id on the Novell and/or Unix systems. Anticipate that your id will take at least a week to arrive after you request it.

Once you have your user id, you may wish to log in with assistance from computer lab staff if you are not a long-time computer user. Your new password is for one-time use. You will need to pick a new password when you log in for the first time. Security requires that FDU passwords are unpronounceable. Your cat's name won't do unless his name is Mxflp74k.

Web access

Campus computer labs
Campus computer labs are available to anyone with a valid user id on the Novell network or on Unix. Access to FDU web resources is extremely fast in the labs, as the FDU web is connected to the labs via local area networking. Access to non-FDU web resources is fast: Campus computers share a multi-megabit-per-second channel to the Internet.
Residence hall computers
Each residence hall room has Ethernet access, enabling appropriately-equipped student-owned computers to connect to the Internet at essentially the same speeds as computer lab systems.
Internet Service Provider
Access to the web from off-campus residences is usually achieved by contracting with an Internet Service Provider (e.g. America On Line, earthlink). This service is typically priced in the range from $15 to $50 per month, depending on speed of access. The higher speed access technologies, via cable modem or DSL connection, are comparable in speed to web access from the campus computer labs.
Free ISP
Services may still be available that make ISP services available at no charge. Since these services are advertiser supported, they will typically display an advertising banner on screen during the whole time of connection to the Internet.
Dialup to FDU
FDU provides a limited number of access ports that can be direct dialled, permitting your computer to connect via telnet to alpha.fdu.edu. This makes it possible to access the web in very limited non-graphics mode via lynx. This access is a local call only for those in the immediate vicinity of the New Jersey campuses, and is subject to busy signals at exam times when many others are seeking computer access.

Email address

Every member of the FDU campus communities can request an fdu.edu email address at no charge, so your email alternatives are:
yourname@fdu.edu or yourname@student.fdu.edu
Mail served by the webmail system. Access either of two ways: (1) Direct access on the web at webmail.fdu.edu, using any web browser. (2) Use your email software (e.g. MS Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Pegasus). Server name mail.fdu.edu, server type POP3, userid yourname@fdu.edu. 
Mail served by your ISP -- the company that provides your Internet access (e.g. America On Line, earthlink.com). Follow your ISP's instructions for setting up your software.
Mail served by a free service on the web (e.g. hotmail.com, netscape.net). Access by visiting a web page. Many of these services also permit multiple email addresses to be picked up with one visit. For instance, you could pick up email from your yourname@fdu.edu account and from your yourname@hotmail.com account, all by visiting hotmail.com.

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