On the Web

Web-based and web-enhanced courses
Webcampus, the FDU online course portal
Email and web access
Coursefinder: search the current Course Book on line
Doccenter: Documents for download via the web
Courses about the Web
Order textbooks on line
Pagetoaster: Faculty and staff fill out a form, pop up a web page 
Web Skills Certification continuing education course 
Personal Web Pages
Webresources including campus webcams

The World Wide Web is like another campus for FDU: The University increasingly provides services and resources via the Internet World-Wide Web. This new "campus" is not bounded by geography or time zones, but by the willingness of members of the FDU communities to use new tools. 

Bookstores are on the web

Metropolitan Campus and College at Florham bookstores have websites where you can find the booklist for each of your classes and order books on line.