2015-2020 Strategic Plan

The foundational elements of the 2015–2020 Strategic Plan are the mission, vision, and core values of the University, followed by its strategic and operational objectives. The objectives outlined serve as guideposts to help focus the University community in implementing new initiatives that have the potential to fundamentally transform the direction, visibility, and recognition of the University as a leading institution of higher education in New Jersey and abroad.

Contemporary Teaching Methodologies

Faculty driven, student-centered instruction; with students taking ownership of their learning and faculty emphasizing real, practical material)

Transformative Learning

Where students change the way they interpret their experiences and their interactions with the world

Student Learning Outcomes

Including career preparedness and competencies that lead to successful job placement


A shift toward 21st century higher education and successful job placement is the overarching imperative of the University moving forward, as is increasing the value of a Fairleigh Dickinson University degree. FDU features a constellation of learning environments, a wide range of academic programs, and a rich diversity of faculty and staff to address these challenges and prepare students for success in this new world.

The University’s vision was first articulated and embodied by University founder Dr. Peter Sammartino, who sought to build an institution “of and for the world.” An education must be good and it must be good for something, Sammartino believed. Supported by a devoted cadre of creative thinkers and talented individuals, the University has grown beyond borders, has transcended boundaries, and has provided unique multidisciplinary and multidimensional learning experiences to more than 125,000 graduates since 1942.

Above all, Fairleigh Dickinson University is dedicated to bringing the world to its students, preparing them to venture into that world and make a difference. The University fulfills this vision in many extraordinary ways: from its wide range of baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degree programs, to its globally oriented University Core program; from special programs with global institutions like the United Nations, to its international campuses in Canada and the United Kingdom.

In addition, FDU‘s unique position as a global university not only provides students with a broader academic experience, but also with the knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to become productive and responsible citizens of the world. Moreover, with programs around the globe, and people from all walks of life, today, Fairleigh Dickinson University is a microcosm of the interconnected global society in which we live.

With this in mind, our path forward will focus on strengthening our core enterprise, while continuing to distinguish Fairleigh Dickinson University with innovative programming that meets the imperatives of the 21st century workplace.

The challenges that lie ahead are significant. However, working together we will meet those challenges, and the University will emerge stronger and better than ever before.