Strategic Plan Objectives

Strategic Plan Overview

  1. Ensure demonstrable improvements in the value and affordability of a Fairleigh Dickinson University degree.
  2. Develop and expand key programs and initiatives by leveraging resources, maximizing efficiency, and enhancing academic offerings.
  3. Continue demonstrating academic excellence and institutional effectiveness through a culture of outcomes assessment and continuous improvement.
  4. Critically examine the University’s portfolio of academic and non-academic programs and services, and determine the appropriate path forward.
  5. Develop new delivery models to reach new student markets and generate new revenue streams.
  6. Increase public and private sources of revenue to support the University’s goals and initiatives.

These strategic objectives not only provide continuity with our Strategic Plan, but also serve as guideposts to help focus the implementation of our Strategic Plan. Moreover, these strategic objectives have the potential to significantly enhance the reputation of the University.

Each strategic objective is followed by operational objectives that are intended to be directional in nature. The operational objectives represent tactical steps that will help direct and define our progress and contribute to the successful achievement of the broader strategic objectives.

Oversight and direction of the Strategic Plan and strategic and operational objectives fall largely to the University’s senior administration, with the time frame and indicators of success for each operational objective noted in the Strategic Plan itself.