Moving Forward

The Purpose of the Strategic Plan

Fairleigh Dickinson University has transformed the lives of countless students through the years, and now we are turning our attention to transforming the University. As you know, the world is quickly changing, and higher education is not immune — to the extent that the rapidity of change is actually causing some to question the sustainability of the existing higher education business model. Nevertheless, I am confident in the University’s capacity to navigate a shifting economic, political, cultural and educational environment, while continuing to grow and prosper.

The University’s five-year strategic plan is our road map for continued growth and advancing the University’s position as one of the New York metropolitan area’s finest universities. But maintaining our focus amidst significant change will require agility, keen resource management, and improved operational efficiency.

Fairleigh Dickinson recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. The University has evolved significantly since its founding in the midst of World War II with a class of just 60 full-time students. But as impressive as its growth has been, there is still much more to achieve. We need to invest wisely in our future and attract new resources, while also increasing enrollment and revenue. We must better define and differentiate each of our New Jersey campuses, focusing more strategically on programs and services, while eliminating redundancy wherever possible. Given the many challenges higher education is facing, the decisions we make in the near term will be critically important to our future, and will likely determine whether we succeed.

Many universities are facing challenges and having change thrust upon them, and their futures are uncertain. However, we are not, and will not be, among those schools. We have enjoyed an impressive record of both fiscal responsibility and academic progress for decades. And now we need to be more strategic in utilizing our resources. In addition, we need to continue developing innovative programs to inspire students, and invest wisely in our future. While this won’t be easy, working together we will reach our goals.

Christopher A. Capuano, Ph.D.

Feedback and Questions

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