Why do we need a strategic plan?

The world of higher education is in the midst of rapid change … and is under great scrutiny. Both the private and public sectors increasingly demand more from colleges and universities, and many are questioning the overall value of higher education. At the same time, students have more choices than ever before. In response, higher education institutions need to be proactive, hone their strengths, and demonstrate value and competitive advantages that will prove compelling to students and their families. FDU’s Strategic Plan seeks to accomplish all of this.

How was the strategic plan developed?

The Strategic Plan was developed during the course of many meetings and discussions. Input was solicited from representatives of multiple constituencies, including faculty, staff, and students. The final document was approved by the Board of Trustees.

Besides the initiatives identified, what other changes will be forthcoming?

It’s impossible to predict every course of action. And many potential changes will require considerable discussion and input prior to moving forward. But all possible scenarios will be reviewed in terms of how to best serve our students, enhance the welfare of the entire University, and ensure a prosperous future.

How will these changes benefit FDU and our students?

The changes that will be made will make FDU a more attractive place to study and to work.

How will we measure the success of the Strategic Plan?

The success of the plan will be measured specifically by the number of goals and objectives attained. More broadly, of course, the University’s success will continue to be assessed by the quality of its students and the accomplishments of its graduates.

How will I be kept informed of the progress made throughout the process?

The community will be periodically updated through e-mail, town hall meetings, and by this website.