Coronavirus Information from HR

For Faculty and Staff

COVID-19 Protocols updated August 2022

Medicat Patient Portal Instructions for Employees updated August 10, 2021

Helpful Healthcare Information

For Students

Students residing on campus who feel ill or suspect they may have been exposed to the virus should contact campus health services. All other students should seek medical assistance through their primary care physician and notify health services of any positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • Florham Campus Department of Student Health Services – 973-443-8535.  After hours, call Florham Public Safety – 973-443-8888.
  • Metropolitan Campus Department of Student Health Services – 201-692-2437. After hours, call  Metropolitan Campus Public Safety – 201-692-2222.
  • Vancouver Campus: Call your health-care provider or the provincial health line 8-1-1 to discuss any need for testing and follow up.
  • FDU Vancouver student services can be reached at 604-648-8112.

The information below has been emailed to all students enrolled in the student medical plan. Students who waived coverage and are enrolled into their parent’s plan, should contact the carrier to determine if telemedicine/virtual visits is included in their plan benefits.

As an enrolled student in FDU’s student medical plan with United Healthcare, we would like to make you aware of important information regarding the Coronavirus as noted below. 

As more cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) appear in the U.S., we are taking every precaution to ensure our students and partners remain healthy and informed. Since our last communication, we have posted new information on our site to help support any members affected by this outbreak. This information is available for download through our First Student website or via the links below.


The documents listed below contain new information on COVID-19, including ways to prevent its spread, what symptoms to look for, links to the CDC website, and more. The documents are included in a Coronavirus Information PDF download.

  • COVID-19 General Information
  • COVID-19 Claims FAQ
  • COVID-19 Date Provision Guide
  • Coronavirus Update March 10, 2020 – UPDATE
  • Coronavirus FAQ
  • Coping with a Public Health Event: Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus Telemedicine Resources 
  • Coronavirus Telebehavioral Health Resources

Telehealth Medical

Doctors are making house calls again! Included with your student insurance plan, and provided by HealthiestYou, is 24/7/365 access to board-certified physicians online or on the phone (where permitted).

 Telehealth can be a win/win:

  • Talk to a licensed physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pay no consultation fee for student’s on the Fairleigh Dickinson University Health Insurance plan
  • Avoid trips to the doctor’s office, urgent car or emergency room
  • Toll free # is on your SR ID card or in My Account

Create your My Account today!

With My Account you’ll have immediate access to view and print your ID cards and access to your claim history, including EOBs.

Healthiestyou Flyer

Should you have additional questions about your medical coverage please visit or call 1-800-505-4160.