Completing the Objectives Selection Form

Completing Form & Adding Custom Questions (Diagnostic Feedback survey only)

Faculty whose courses are evaluated with the full Diagnostic Feedback Instrument must complete an Objectives Selection Form (formerly known as the FIF, or Faculty Information Form) for each of their courses. Those faculty also have the option of adding custom questions to the survey.

Faculty will receive an automated email when they can log into IDEA to complete the Objectives Selection Form and (if desired) add custom questions. See “Current Schedule” for key dates for this semester.

The philosophy behind IDEA is that the best indicator of effective teaching is whether students make progress on the most important learning objectives for that particular course, and evaluations using the Diagnostic Feedback instrument are based, in large part, on student self-reports of how much progress they have made on the learning objectives that faculty have chosen as the most important for a particular course.

Faculty (and/or department curriculum committees) are encouraged to think carefully about which objectives are most important for their classes. For some classes, factual knowledge is the most important. For others, it could be analysis, communication skills, preparation of applied skills for a career, or developing creative capacities. No more than three to five Learning Objectives in total should be marked as “important” or “essential”  for any given course.

There are a total of thirteen learning objectives. While students will report progress on all thirteen IDEA Leaning Objectives, ONLY their responses on the Learning Objectives identified as “important” or “essential” for the course will factor into the evaluation results. It is essential that faculty complete the Objectives Selection Form for each course being evaluated with the Diagnostic Feedback instrument, or the results will be skewed. The form takes only a few minutes to complete.

If faculty have ranked objectives for a course during a previous semester (Spring 2016 and after), the rankings on the Objectives Selection Form will default to those previously-selected rankings. Faculty may change the rankings if necessary.

Faculty may also find objectives have been pre-filled on the Objectives Selection Form if their departments or programs have already designated common learning objectives for multiple sections of the same courses. If faculty have questions about pre-ranked objectives or want to edit them in any way, they should speak to their dean, department head, or chair.

  • Note: It is strongly recommended that academic departments, curriculum committees, and teams of faculty work together to select common learning objectives for multi-section courses. See “Resources” on this page for help mapping objectives to program offerings for curricular assessment and development (“Mapping Learning Objectives to Program Offerings”) and for an Excel form to use to rank learning objectives for multiple sections of the same course (“Template for Identifying Objectives for Multiple Sections of a Course”). After completing and submitting the Excel form, rankings on the “Objectives Selection Form” will prefill for all courses listed.

See link to the Faculty Reference Guide and other faculty sources on the right for step-by-step instruments on completing the Objectives Selection Form and adding custom questions. Note that the Diagnostic Feedback Survey already has a significant number of questions, so it is not recommended that faculty add custom questions unless they feel they are essential.