Reviewing, Reporting, and Using Evaluation Results

Logging into IDEA

Faculty Login (use your FDU email and password to log in)

Selecting the Semester for Review

After logging into IDEA, use the drop-down field to select the semester for which you want to see evaluation results.

Reviewing Results

When evaluation results are ready (which will be after the course has ended and after final grades have been submitted), faculty will receive an automated email letting them know that their evaluation results are available.

Note that if there were less than five responses to any given course evaluation, no results are provided to the instructor in order to protect student anonymity.

See “Resources” on this page for step-by-step instructions on how to access evaluation results (Reference Guide for Faculty – Evaluation Reports) and for help reading and interpreting the result reports (“Guiding Questions for Interpreting IDEA Results Reports”).

Reporting and Using Results

  1. Print your results (either in hardcopy or to a PDF). See links in “Resources” on this page for printing IDEA results for faculty review and for an Addendum from The Executive Committee of the FDU Faculty senate regarding the inclusion of adjusted averages.
    Note: When you view your evaluation results in IDEA, you will also notice that there is also a print icon in the upper-right corner. Clicking the print icon, however, generates a results report that is not very user-friendly (no color coding, small font) and includes qualitative results (which are not required reporting, though may be reported if you like).
  2. Calculate Endeavor Rapport and Pedagogical Skill scores (this is ONLY necessary for tenure-track faculty hired prior to Fall 2014 since Endeavor questions are built into the Diagnostic Feedback Instrument for those faculty). Calculating these scores can be done easily by using the Excel spreadsheet that has been designed for this; you can find a link to this spreadsheet (one for in-person classes, one for fully online classes) in “Resources” on this page. Note that the spreadsheets are best printed in landscape orientation.
  3. Complete the self-reflection form to document your evaluation results and reflect on how you can use the results for continuous improvement. See “Resources” on this page for a link to the Faculty Self-Reflection form.

For help understanding and reflecting on the teaching behaviors/procedures evaluated by IDEA, see the link to “IDEA Notes on Instruction.” For each teaching procedure, you will find a link to a description, resources, tips for applying the teaching procedure in the classroom, tips for applying the teaching procedure online, and tips for assessing each teaching procedure.