Logging into IDEA

Student IDEA Login Page (use FDU email and password)

About the Evaluations

During the last few weeks of the semester, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and comments about your courses through course evaluations. Your instructors and FDU take what you say on course evaluations very seriously, and they use your feedback to help inform teaching, courses, and programs at the university. Your thoughtful and honest feedback is very much appreciated and valued.

FDU uses the IDEA (Individual Development Educational Assessment) student ratings of instruction for all course evaluations. All evaluations are online, and can be completed easily from any smartphone, laptop, notebook, or computer with an internet connection. Instructors teaching in-person classes will usually provide you with ten to fifteen minutes during a class period to complete the evaluations. You may also complete them outside of class on your own time.

When course evaluations are available for you to complete, you will receive an email from “FDU Course Evaluation Manager.” You can click on the link in that email to log into IDEA (you will also find the login link on the “Resources” on this page). Use your FDU email and password to log into the IDEA site. Logging in with your FDU email and password ensures that you will be linked to surveys for the classes in which you are enrolled.

All responses are completely anonymous and confidential (and if there are less than five responses in total to a course evaluation, no feedback is given to the instructor so that student anonymity is maintained). When IDEA returns the data to FDU, it is scrubbed of all identifying information. In addition, instructors will not see the evaluation results until after the course has ended and final grades have been submitted.

Completing the Evaluations

As noted above, all evaluations are online, and can be completed easily from any smartphone, laptop, notebook, or computer with an internet connection.

After you log into IDEA, all of your courses scheduled to be evaluated will be displayed. Click on the course you want to evaluate.

There are three different evaluation surveys in IDEA; the survey you will complete for any given course is dependent on your instructor’s status (e.g., tenure-track, lecturer, adjunct) and your course schedule (e.g., traditional term or non-traditional term). See “Resources” on this page for samples of each survey. For a detailed description of each survey, see “Evaluation Instruments.” None of the surveys should take more than ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

Please be assured, as noted above, that your responses are anonymous and confidential. Your participation in IDEA is entirely voluntary, but your responses are very much appreciated and valued.

Contact Information

For questions contact your instructor or email