Readings on Learning Outcomes Assessment

Resources available for loan from the Office of Educational Resources and Assessment

  • Peer Review special issue on Assessing Liberal Education Outcomes using VALUE rubrics
  • Chase, D., Ferguson, J.I., & Hoey, J. (2014) Assessment in Creative Disciplines.
  • Leskes, A & Wright, B.D. (2005) The Art & Science of Assessing General Education Outcomes
  • Sternberg, R.J., Penn, J., & Hawkins, C. (2011). Assessing College Student Learning: Evaluating Alternative Models, Using Multiple Methods

If you have discovered a book or monograph pertaining to assessment that you would like to purchase, please contact the Office of Educational Resources and Assessment. Depending on the need, we may be able to support purchases of some items.

On-line Websites for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Middle States Publications

Middle States has many publications, on a variety of topics. Here are some that are of particular use for those interested in student learning outcomes assessment.

AAC&U Free Publications

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has a variety of publications, many of which are free on the web. The selection varies, so check back periodically.

AAC&U also conducts or supports public opinion research

NILOA resources

The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment has many free publications.


Some of IDEA’s papers pertain to learning outcomes assessment of student learning. 

In particular, we recommend the following:

  • Millis, B. J. (2010). IDEA Paper #47: Promoting Deep Learning. (good general source that may be helpful in loop-closing activities)
  • Hatfield, S. (2009). IDEA Paper #45: Assessing your Program-Level Assessment Plan (this is one of the single best practical papers on program-level assessment we have seen)
  • Zubizaretta, J. (2008). IDEA Paper #44: The Learning Portfolio: A Powerful Idea for Significant Learning

FDU Libraries

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s libraries are an important resource for the faculty, staff and administration working on student learning outcomes assessment. At both the Florham Campus and Metropolitan Campus, librarians have purchased reading materials in support of learning outcomes assessment. Please consult the library catalogue or a reference librarian for help to find the most up-to-date holdings.