Green Campus Steering Committee

Student Clubs

  • Green Club, Florham Campus
  • Green Club, Metro Campus


Make a campus-wide effort to think about environmental issues: recycle your old books and small electronics; enjoy the green space around campus. Activities of Green Campus included outdoor games, information about environmental friendly organizations and products, and a river clean-up at Metro Campus. Additionally, our Plant Sale includes flowers and herbs grown in our own campus greenhouses. Check your knowledge with Environmental Jeopardy.

  • Students in English classes could write a descriptive essay about their trip down the river, or a persuasive essay about the information they acquired from vendors at an environmental event.
  • Students in a psychology class studying behavior change could explore theories that might be useful in increasing recycling or other pro-environmental behavior.
  • Students in a history class could research the political support for and opposition to environmental regulation.

Green Campus Tips

  1. Set your office copy machine to automatically double side.
  2. Use email to distribute memos rather than interoffice.
  3. Don’t use fax cover sheets. Try a small sticker instead.
  4. Make your margins smaller on all printed documents.
  5. Use online forms and online registration.
  6. Turn off lights/radios/TVs and electronics.
  7. Unplug when not in use
  8. Close windows and blinds before leaving for the day.
  9. Use reusable coffee cups and water bottles.
  10. Order green-friendly office products.
  11. Recycle paper and plastics.

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