Alumni Books







James Owen Weatherall – The Physics of Wall Street: A Brief History of Predicting the Unpredictable









James Owen Weatherall – Void: The Strange Physics of Nothing (Foundational Questions in Science)









Kevin Carey – Jesus Was a Homeboy









Ellen J. Green – The Book of James









Nina Foxx – And You’d Better Not Tell









R.G. Evans – The Holy Both







Debbie Lee Wesselmann – Captivity







Margarete Des and Kerstin Lieff – Letters from Berlin: A Story of War, Survival, and the Redeeming Power of Love and Friendship







Richard Reiss – Desperate Love: A Father’s Memoir







Eileen Hennessy – This Country of Gale-Force Winds






Mark Hillringhouse – Between Frames









Lisa Van Allen – The Wishing Thread







Harding Woodworth – The Artemis Sonnets, Etc.







Flower Conroy – Escape to Nowhere







Carol Fragale Brill – Peace by Piece









Hank Kalet – As an Alien in a Land of Promise