Becton General Curricular Requirements

Candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science must complete a minimum of 120 credits of course work, including completion of Becton College’s general education requirements, which requires from 46 to 48 credits, depending on exemptions. Students must also complete 8 credits of University Requirements.

Programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree require from 30 to 45 credits in an area of concentration. The programs for Bachelor of Science degree require a greater number of credits.

Minors usually consist of 15 credits and are available in most disciplines in Becton College. Becton College also offers interdisciplinary area minors.

In addition to completing the requirements for the Becton College general education requirements and for their majors, students shall complete such additional credits in free electives to meet the minimum requirement of 120 credits.

The Major

Each student must select a major, consisting of group-related courses in an area of specialization, before entering the fifth or sixth semester. The courses in a major must total at least 30 credits including introductory-level courses, but may not total more than 45 in a single discipline for programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. A greater degree of specialization is allowed in programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. A 2.33 cumulative grade point ratio in the major and, if applicable, in the second major is required in the Becton College of Arts and Sciences in order to graduate.


Students may wish to take introductory courses in their major field of interest before the fifth or sixth semester. Other electives may be chosen from courses offered in any of the undergraduate colleges if prerequisites can be met. Qualified students may request permission to elect graduate courses in their seventh and eighth semesters.

Independent Study

Juniors and seniors may take from 1 to 3 credits each semester in individual intensive study under the direction of a specific faculty member, according to the criteria set forth for such independent study by the department concerned. Consent of the instructor and department chairperson is required

Students may count no more than 12 credits of independent study toward the completion of the minimum requirements of their majors or the minimum requirements for their degrees. Students may elect independent study in any of the discipline offerings of Becton College.

General Education Requirements

For students entering Fall 2017 or after.

I. Written Communication (6 credits)

II. Quantitative Analysis (6 to 7 credits)

One from the following:

The second course should be selected from following list of approved courses:

III. Speech/ Professional Communication (3 credits)

IV. Ethical and Moral Analysis (3 credits)

Select from the list of approved courses below:

V. Modern Language (3 to 4 credits). Waived for ALL BS Computer Science Majors ONLY.

  • ____ 1002 (Beg. Language II) (3)
  • ____ 1008 (Beg. Language II) Practicum (1)
  • ____ Advanced Language (3)

VI. Humanities (6 credits)

Choose two courses from the following disciplines: Animation (ANIMH), Art History (ARTH), Cinema Studies (CINE), Dance – Humanities (DANH), Graphic Design – Humanities (CGDH), History (HIST), Humanities (HUMN), Literature (LITS), Music -Humanities (MUSIH), Philosophy (PHIL) and Theater – Humanities (THEAH). One course must be at the 2000 level or above and may be within the same discipline. ART 3415 (Wroxton course) may also be taken.

VII. Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

Choose two courses from the following disciplines: African American Studies (AFAM), Anthropology (ANTH), Communication Studies (COMM), Criminology (CMLGY), Economics (ECON), Geography (GEOG), Government and Law (GOVT, formerly Political Science), Psychology (PSYC) and Sociology (SOCI). One course must be at the 2000 level or above and may be within the same discipline.

VIII. Natural Sciences(7 credits)

Choose two courses from the following disciplines: Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), or Physics (PHYS). One of the two, which may be in the same discipline, must include a mandatory lab component.

Select one 4-credit course from:

Select one 3 credit class from:

IX. Creative and Expressive Arts (3 credits)

Choose one course from the following disciplines: Animation (ANIM), Art (ART), Graphic Design (CGD), Creative Writing (CREW), Dance (DAN), Music (MUSIC), Filmmaking (FILM), and Theater (THEA)

X. Global and Comparative Studies (3 credits) Waived for ALL BS Majors

Select from the following approved courses: