IRB Forms and Templates

All IRB proposals must be submitted using current forms. Prior to getting started, you are cautioned to download the most recent version as previous versions will not be accepted.

Submission Instructions

IRB proposals must be prepared electronically in Microsoft Word (not handwritten!) and submitted via email to the IRB Compliance Manager, Kim Diccianni, along with supporting documentations in Microsoft Word, PDF, or JPEG formats (note: Informed Consent documents must be in Microsoft Word. Documents that cannot be scanned or sent electronically (e.g., questionaires/tests/measures/scale, copyrighted materials, and/or original signed forms such as Faculty Agreements) should be mailed or hand delivered to the IRB, and include specific reference to your proposal. Use the email Subject Heading as appropriate, i.e., New Project, Continuing Review, Amendment, Final Report, Complaint of a Participant, Notification of a Harmed Participant, etc. The body of the email must include: i.e., Project Title; Project # if already assigned; a bulleted list of all attachments, e.g., Application; Consent Document(s); Methods/Procedures; etc.

New Project Submission Forms

Full/Expedited Review (Revised July 2013)

Exempt Review (Revised July 2013)

Principal Investigator’s Agreement

Faculty Mentor Agreement

Consent/Assent Form Templates and Waiver Form

Informed Consent Template (Revised 2013)

Application for Alteration/Waiver of Consent and Consent Documentation

Debriefing Template (New August 2013)

Assent Template (Coming Soon)

Other Submission Forms

Request for Continuing Review Form

Final Closure Report (Revised November 2010)

Amendment Submission Form (New August 2013)

Reportable Events Form (Coming Soon)

Updated 05/30/2017