Faculty Resource: Class Tours and Student Referrals

Faculty and staff should encourage the students that they work with to make use of the tutoring services available at the Academic Support Center. We can also match faculty who are seeking an extra set of eyes on their scholarly work with one of our professional tutors.

How can I encourage students to use the Academic Support Center?

Faculty and staff are one of our best sources of advertising, so please mention our services to your classes. Please feel free to use the following information in your course syllabi:

The FDU Florham Campus Academic Support Center (ASC) provides FREE one-to-one and group tutoring in over 40 subject areas to undergraduate and graduate students of the Florham Campus. To learn about the Center’s tutoring services and how to schedule an appointment, visit the website at:


Can someone from the Academic Support Center visit my class?

Yes, and you can request class visits using our form. We can send a staff member to visit your class, or you can bring your class to the Academic Support Center where they can tour the facility and register for online accounts with us. You can request a 20-minute visit during which a staff member will review Academic Support Services and policies, or a 40-minute visit, which will also include a demonstration of our online scheduling system.

Can I bring my entire class to the Center for a tour?

You can bring your class to us, or we can come to you. We need your first, second, and third preferences of date and time for the tour in order to fit it into our schedule. You will be notified by email to confirm your appointment.

If you would like us to visit you, place specify the classroom building and room number in the optional Classroom field.