Placement Assessment

Writing and Reading

For the incoming students of Fall 2021, the FDU writing faculty have developed a Writing Placement Survey to collect students’ feedback regarding their past experiences with reading, writing, and study skills. Information collected from the survey will be used only for the purposes of placement into the appropriate writing and/or reading course to optimize their success during the first semester at FDU.

Students also will be required to submit a writing sample/essay. Once the survey begins, students will not be able to exit and return to the essay, so they should be sure that they have enough time to complete it before they begin. It is a good idea to have a quiet, uninterrupted workspace for the time needed. All pertinent information (including the survey link and information about submitting the writing sample/survey) will be sent to students’ FDU email address.

Students will also complete Accuplacer’s Next Generation Reading assessment, which evaluates reading comprehension. The assessment is 20 multiple choice questions and is untimed.

On the first day of College Writing and College Reading courses, students will be given diagnostic assessments to confirm the accuracy of their course placements.


Student placement in math courses is determined by completing Accuplacer assessments. We administer two Accuplacer math assessments: Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS), and Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF). The assessments are each 20 multiple choice questions and are untimed. Students will begin with QAS and will proceed to AAF depending on the QAS score. 

The assessments are adaptive, which means that the computer automatically determines the next questions based upon responses to prior questions. Once an answer has been selected and confirmed, the question is complete and cannot be revisited.

It is important for students to do their best, as their score indicates which math course will enable them to be the most successful in their college education.

How do I take the placement assessments?

Students who have submitted their deposit to attend FDU will receive information regarding scheduling their Accuplacer reading and math assessments via their FDU student email. This information will include a voucher that will provide access to the online proctoring service Examity, which allows students to take this assessment from the comfort of home or anywhere convenient (in a quiet, private room) with online access and a webcam. Exam sessions will be recorded online.

Students will receive a separate email about completing their Writing Placement Survey and writing sample/essay. These assessments also can be completed online at home.

I am a transfer student. Do I need to complete any placement assessments?

Transfer students may have to complete placement assessments. The appropriate academic advisor for a student’s major will complete a transfer student credit evaluation and notify the Florham Campus Academic Support Center and the College Writing Department if placement assessments are needed. Then, transfer students will receive information via their FDU student email about which placement assessments are needed.

What should I study to prepare for the Accuplacer placement assessments?

Students can find practice questions for the Accuplacer assessments as follows:

Next Generation Reading at

Next Generation QAS at

Next Generation AAF at

Students can find even more information about the Accuplacer assessments online, with FAQs and interactive online learning tools at

Is there a deadline to take the Accuplacer placement assessments?

All Accuplacer assessments (QAS, AAF, and the Next Generation Reading assessments) should be completed by June 1, 2021.

Is it possible to retake the placement assessments?

Students may take one math placement assessment retest at least two weeks after their initial assessment date. Retests will be offered during the summer after New Student Orientation is complete, but before August 15th. Students who take a math retest will be responsible for Examity’s $7.50 proctoring fee.

There are no retests for Accuplacer’s Next Generation Reading assessment, the Writing Placement Survey, or writing sample/essay. On the first day of College Writing and College Reading courses, students will be given diagnostic assessments to confirm the accuracy of their course placements.

Is there a fee for taking the placement assessments?

There is no fee to take the initial placement assessments. Students who want to take a retest of the math assessments will be charged Examity’s $7.50 proctoring fee.

What if I require testing accommodations due to a disability?

Students with documented disabilities who require testing accommodations must contact Disability Support Services at 973-443-8079 at least two weeks prior to their scheduled assessment.

Students who are accepted into the Regional Center for Learning Disabilities program and who will be receiving academic adjustments/accommodations from that office must contact the Regional Center office (973-443-8981) and ask them to send a list of approved accommodations to

I have additional questions. What office should I contact?

For questions about the Writing Placement Survey and writing sample/essay, please contact the College Writing Department at 973-443-8711.

For questions about the Accuplacer reading and math assessments, please contact the Florham Campus Academic Support Center at 973-443-8538 or