Fairleigh Dickinson University welcomed all students back to our New Jersey campuses in the fall and returned to in-person student experiences for courses, residential living, co-curricular activities, and related services. 

For specific information on the opening of the Spring 2022 semester and updates on spring move in, testing and other items, please see the following page.  

Health and Safety 

FDU requires all students, faculty and staff on the Metropolitan and Florham campuses to be immunized against COVID-19. This includes all students who are on campus to live, attend classes, or engage in any in-person activities. For more information and to see frequently asked questions and answers about the vaccine policy, go to our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy web page. 

FDU also has developed additional health and safety protocols to help safeguard our community members while enabling a return to in-person experiences. These include indoor masking requirements, COVID-19 training, symptom screening, and COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. For more information on these items and for details concerning FDU’s residence hall regulations and visitor and travel policies, see our health and safety requirements.  


The majority of classes and academic activities are in person and only limited courses are being offered remotely (with the exception of our normal online programs). Students should consult Webadvisor for specific course modalities. Spring semester classes begin on January 24. The first week of courses will be delivered remotely (with some exceptions such as lab courses). Courses scheduled to be held in person will move to that format beginning January 31. Spring recess will take place March 14 to 18. Classes will resume after the spring recess, and final exams are scheduled for May 11 to 17. 

Academic Calendar

  • Spring classes begin January 24 (most courses begin remotely) 
  • Courses move to in-person instruction January 31 
  • Spring recess will take place March 14 to 18 
  • Final exams are scheduled for May 11 to 17 

To see the full academic calendar click here

Campus Operations

Many student support services in areas like admissions, financial aid, registrar, counseling, and health services are available in person. At the same time, the University continues to offer our students many of the online services that we developed over the course of the past year. 

In the residence halls, FDU has restored double occupancy, removed visitation restrictions between halls, and permitted access to shared kitchens and other common areas, all in keeping with evolving public health guidelines. 

Dining capacities have been increased as well, and many additional student activities are being permitted. Athletics teams are once again competing with their respective league rivals in the appropriate season.    

Vancouver Campus

During Fall 2021, FDU’s Vancouver Campus provided a variety of study options for students: New students who began their first semester of studies with FDUV and who are overseas and could not travel to Vancouver before the first day of classes because of travel restrictions or visa processing delays began their studies using synchronous remote learning (Zoom) technology. New students who were able to travel to Vancouver or who are already in Vancouver began their studies through remote learning or through in-person instruction. At least some in-person instruction was made available to these new students.  

For Spring 2022, instruction will begin via remote learning (Zoom) and continue in that format until February 7, 2022. This is a temporary pause in the planned return to face-to-face instruction for the Spring 2022 trimester, and face-to-face instruction could resume at any time beginning February 7. An announcement regarding any extension to this pause will be made on January 31 and will consider conditions at that time.   

Following this temporary pause, students must be prepared to attend classes in person; no accommodation will be made (such as through the continuation of remote learning) for students who are not able to attend in person. Students who are out of the country must make appropriate arrangements to be present for classes, and must at all times abide by Canada immigration and border security requirements, including for mandatory vaccination and possible quarantine. Students who are out of the country are advised to return at the earliest opportunity to provide for any possible delays.   

Operating updates will be posted to https://www.fdu.edu/campuses/vancouver-campus/

Wroxton College

Wroxton College in England once again welcomed FDU students to the Abbey. That extraordinary study abroad experience resumed during the fall semester for our students and another group will be studying there this spring semester. 

FDU’s plans are predicated on having the vast majority of our students fully vaccinated and on the compliance with evolving standards and guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New Jersey public health authorities, and our own health and safety resources. We will remain nimble to address new conditions and challenges, and we will make any appropriate changes in our plans to align with public health guidance.