Student Life

Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester at FDU! Click on the campus-specific links below to learn about campus resources and services, living on campus, and virtual programs and events.

Florham Campus

Metropolitan Campus

Residence Halls

In the residence halls, every effort is being made to reduce the density of living spaces. Most rooms are now singles with limited double occupancy rooms. Common areas including kitchens, game rooms, and fitness rooms are closed, and laundry rooms have a restricted maximum occupancy. Protocols are in place for screening, testing, isolation if necessary, contact tracing, and maintaining personal responsibility. 

There will be restrictions on visitors and room capacity. Outside of their rooms, all residence hall students must comply with physical distancing guidelines, wear face masks, and take other appropriate measures to safeguard their personal health and the health of the overall campus community as outlined in the safety protocols. Please see the COVID-19 updates to the residence hall regulations. 

Common restrooms will have posted maximum occupancy, personal hygiene, and social distancing reminders. Reminders will be highly visible, posted on doors, entryways, and other surfaces. Facilities and Auxiliary Services will clean shared residence hall bathrooms twice per day using EPA-registered sanitizing products on all surfaces. Students will be responsible for cleaning bathrooms in their rooms or suites. 

Return to campus for residential students

Students began moving into dormitories on September 4. Move-in was conducted on an appointment basis. For more information on move-in guidelines, click here.

Resident students and student-athletes must take at least one of the following measures before returning to campus: 

  • Showing proof of a negative test for COVID-19 performed no more than 72 hours before their return. 
  • Self-quarantining at home for 14 days before returning to campus (certified by a signed pledge) 
  • Quarantining on campus in their assigned residence hall room for 14 days before in-person classes begin. 
  • Students arriving from an international destination or from a state on the list of New Jersey’s quarantine advisory at the time of move-in will be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine on campus.  This applies whether or not they quarantined before their arrival or have had a recent negative COVID-19 test. 

We will continue to monitor current COVID-19 regulations and will adjust these and other policies accordingly. 

On-Campus Dining

Dining will follow safety procedures as indicated by the CDC, state, local, and University guidelines as appropriate. Dining operations include physical distancing for lines, with full use of sneeze guards and Plexiglass barriers. Appropriate cleaning procedures will be in place. Food handlers and managers will wear masks and gloves and must pass a safety training program. FDU is expanding options for food delivery and pick-ups, as well as offering more prepackaged offerings and Grab-n-Go options. There will be no self-service options. Dining staff will conduct cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols in alignment with other University spaces. Each practice will be conducted repeatedly throughout the hours of opening.

As of Friday, Oct. 2, Fairleigh Dickinson University will allow indoor dining in the Florham and Metropolitan Campus dining halls.

Indoor Dining Guidelines:

  •  Masks must be worn entering the dining hall right up until the time you are seated and ready to eat.
  •  Masks must go back on when you leave your table to throw out your trash to leave the dining hall.
  •  Please follow all signage for entering, exiting, and seating.
  •  Mobile ordering is still the required way for students to order food and beverages.
  •  There are no self-service touch points.
  •  Students will pick up food in TO GO containers and bags.
  •  Both locations will have seating for a maximum of 25 at a time.
  •  Tables and chairs will be six feet apart with “Sit Here” stickers.
  •  Moving tables and chairs will not be permitted.
  •  Only one person will be allowed at a table.
  •  Tables are for dining only. (No studying or lounging.)
  •  Tables and chairs will be cleaned and sanitized every thirty minutes or as needed based on usage.
  •  Additional trash receptacles will be placed throughout the rooms.
  •  Thirty minute seating limits are being requested. This will allow for a turnover of tables at each meal period.
  •  Seating will be closed thirty minutes before closing time every evening to allow a final shift cleaning
  •  Dining will need to notify Public Safety if a student does not comply.
  •  Florham seating will only be in the Student Center dining hall. Metro will be at the Riverside Café.

Student Services 

FDU recognizes that extracurricular activities such as student clubs and organizations, Greek life, and academic programs are integral to the overall growth and transformation of the student. With that, any internal department seeking to host an extracurricular activity will abide by the same rules set forth for student clubs and organizations.  

The following offices will meet with students in a virtual setting as much as possible and will require students to have a scheduled appointment.   

  • Academic Advising  
  • ASC/ARC  
  • Career Development   
  • Counseling and Psychological Services  
  • Dean of Students   
  • Disability Support Services   
  • Enrollment Services   
  • EOF  
  • Financial Aid  
  • FIS/EFE  
  • Honors  
  • International Student Services   
  • Records/Registrar  
  • Regional Center  
  • Study Abroad  
  • Veteran Services   
  • Writing Studio/College Writing 


Provisions are being made for student activities. Recreational programs can be held, but should be limited based on such distancing guidelines. All recreational activities and student, faculty, and staff events must be reviewed and approved by the campus executives, the deans of students, or a designated senior officer of the University. Unfortunately, due to the changing nature of this pandemic, safety could dictate the suspension of in-person campus events and activities. If that occurs, FDU will explore the possibility of holding alternative activities on a case-by-case basis. 

In anticipation of needing to provide more activities online, the University is introducing some exciting activities via new online platforms to help students stay engaged with one another.


Intercollegiate athletics have long been an integral component of campus life, and FDU is devoted to providing meaningful programs and development opportunities for student-athletes. The decision to proceed with intercollegiate athletics, though, is dependent on conference and local authorities.  

On July 24, the Middle Atlantic Conference, which includes the Division III Devils on the Florham Campus, announced the suspension of all intercollegiate athletics competition for the fall. The conference will consider opportunities for fall sports to compete in the spring and will plan for winter sports beginning in 2021. Despite this decision, FDU remains committed to developing meaningful programs for our Florham Campus student-athletes this fall, including skill development, small group activities, practice, strength and conditioning and leadership opportunities. These activities will be implemented with protocols and procedures to help protect the safety and well-being of our student-athletes. 

On July 29, the Northeast Conference, which includes the Division I Knights on the Metropolitan Campus, announced the postponement of all fall sports athletics competition and championships. The conference will reconvene on October 1 to evaluate next steps for moving forward. As with the Devils, the Knights will have opportunities for practice, skill development, team and individual meetings, strength and conditioning and athletic training following conference protocols and NCAA rules, and in accordance with local and state health and safety guidelines.