Early College Dual Enrollment: Appendix D Form

Course Request/Teacher Nomination Form

Please complete the form below, using the FDU course codes and names on the attached list in Appendix A. The List of classes can also be found at www.fdu.edu/ec. For term, indicate whether a course will be offered during the Fall semester, Spring semester, or full year (September to June). For each instructor, please attach a current resume including teacher’s full name, and email address, detailed educational experience (institutions attended, degrees earned, dates), relevant teaching experience, any relevant professional experience, and any professional organization memberships, in the academic subject area. Additionally, instructors will be added to the Early College notification list via their email address.

# Course Code FDU Course Name Term Instructor First and Last Name, Current Email Address Current Resume
EX. ACCT 2021 Intro to Financial Accounting Full Year John Smith, jsmith@highschool.com Accepted files types: .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX

The undersigned affirms that the instructors nominated to teach courses in the FDU Early College Program are presently employed in good standing by the school/school district. The undersigned affirms that the high school/school district has verified the academic credentials of the nominees and has conducted all legally mandated background checks. The undersigned pledges to notify FDU of any changes to the employment status and/or standing of a nominee. In the event of a leave/retirement, the new teacher’s resume and email must be submitted for review/approval at least 30 days prior to the start of the course. The undersigned acknowledges that FDU reserves the right to reject nominees who do not meet its customary criteria or require a probationary period (one course) under the mentorship of an FDU faculty member.