Becton College Novo Nordisk Summer Research Program completes its 10th year

July 2021 – For the 10th year, Novo Nordisk has funded the Becton College Novo Nordisk Summer Research Program. The program, which began in May, is open to biology, chemistry, biochemistry, math and computer science students in Becton College. Students presented their research findings on July 29 in Hartman Lounge on the Florham Campus.                     

Last summer’s program was canceled due to the Covid19 pandemic, but Novo Nordisk’s generous funding was converted to scholarships.

A woman stands in front of the room speaking.

Gloria Anderle, associate professor of chemistry, tells the attendees about the career paths of students who complete the summer research program.

This year, six students took part.

“Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science ”

Angela Reyes Mendoza, Mentor : Neelu Sinha, Ph.D.

 “The Effect of Small Modulators on MMP-9”

Victorjia Miseljic, Mentor: Ish Kumar, Ph.D.

“Converting Methane to Methanol ”

Cristina Altamirano, Mentor: Justin Bogart, Ph.D

 “Aging Technology and Failing Security ”

Dylan De Muth, Mentor: Ihab Darwish, Ph.D

“The Effect of Artificial Light at Night on the Roosting Habits of Chimney Swifts ”Emma Dougherty, Mentor: Elise Morton, Ph.D

“Quantification of Estrogenic Compounds by SPE-GC-MS in New Jersey Natural Wastewater Sources”Jaclyn Lehman, Mentor: Mohammed Elshaer, Ph.D.

A group photo of students and mentors in the Becton College Novo Nordisk Summer Research Program.

The Becton College Novo Nordisk Summer Research Program students with their mentors.

Since its founding in 2012, 48 students have taken part in the program. One is still an undergraduate, and the other 47 have earned a BS or entered post-baccalaureate programs. Of these, 32 percent have completed or are in professional school, 21 percent entered the workforce in their field of study, 21 percent have earned or are in Ph.D programs, 21 percent have earned a master’s degree or are in a master’s program.

A student speak at a podium.

Angela Reyes Mendoza presents her research.

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