FDU Press Publishes New Books

FDU Press recently published eight new books. By author/editor they are:

  • Thomas Adam, editor, Yearbook of Transnational History, Volume 4;
  • Peter Craft, Warfare, Trade, and the Indies in British Literature, 1652–1771;
  • Lheisa Dustin, Ghost Words and Invisible Giants: H.D., Djuna Barnes, and the Language of Suffering;
  • Ikram Hili, Ideology in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath: From Manuscript to Published Poem;
  • T. Patrick Hill, No Place for Ethics: Judicial Review, Legal Positivism, and the Supreme Court of the United States;
  • Mélanie Joseph-Vilain, Post-Apartheid Gothic: White South African Writers and Space;
  • Marie Orton, Graziella Parati and Ron Kubati, editors, Contemporary Italian Diversity in Critical and Fictional Narratives; and
  • Francis K. Peddle and William S. Peirce with Alexandra W. Lough, editors, The Annotated Works of Henry George: Protection or Free Trade, Volume 4.

For further information on the newly published books or other FDU Press books, contact James Gifford, English, director of University Core and director of FDU Press (Van), at 604-648-4476 or email fdudpress@fdu.edu. A catalog is available.

FDU Press books may be ordered online from The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group or through its Customer Service Department, 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706, by telephone: 1-800-462-6420 or by email custserv@rowman.com.

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