Honors Research Day 2020: Arshdeep Kaur


Please introduce yourself.

“My name is Arshdeep Kaur and I am a finance major on the Metropolitan Campus.”

What is the title of your project? What is it all about?

“The title of my thesis project is ‘Analysis on The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and Corporate Financial Performance for Apple, IBM, And Microsoft.’  I analyzed the different CSR initiatives Apple, IBM, and Microsoft have in place to see if there is any relationship between these initiatives and the company’s overall financial performance.”

Why did you choose to pursue this research? Why does it matter to you and why should it matter to others?

“I chose this topic because I am very passionate about giving back to the community and volunteering. I believe that big corporations with resources need to take more initiative to help those in need. We need to work together to solve the bigger problems in the world like ending hunger and providing education for all. Furthermore, ESG investing is becoming more popular among millennial investors, and researching these companies allowed me to understand why Apple, IBM, and Microsoft are some of the popular companies for ESG investing.”

What has the experience of completing your thesis been like? 

“This entire process was tough, but I am grateful for the Honors Program, FDU faculty, my mentor, my employer, my parents, and my friends for helping me with this process. I could not have completed any of this without their help. I am fortunate enough to have a great support system who kept me sane, constantly encouraged me, believed in me, and helped me destress during this entire experience.”

How do you feel that the Honors program has benefited you during your FDU career, as well as moving forward? Why should new students consider joining the program?

“This experience was definitely a great opportunity and I am grateful for FDU Honors for giving me the opportunity to complete my thesis research and paper. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and providing me with the resources to complete this project. Unlike many graduating applicants, I can walk into a job interview with my thesis in hand to show my research and hard work. This is all thanks to the Honors Program and the faculty at FDU. I urge incoming students to join the Honors Program and to use all the resources the Honors Program has to offer. Completing an honors thesis has already opened so many doors for me and hopefully many more to come. Do not waste this opportunity!”

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