LGBTQIA+ History Month 2022 Recap

students hold various LGBTQIA+ and smile at the camera

SPECTRUM at FDU’s Metropolitan Campus

By Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro

December 1, 2022 — FDU celebrated its first LGBTQIA+ History Month in October. Throughout the month, student organizations such as Progress Pride at the Florham Campus, SPECTRUM at the Metropolitan Campus, and others at the Vancouver Campus hosted a number of events, including trivia nights, conversation forums, movie nights, lectures and socials.

“Being able to see everyone come to the events that SPECTRUM hosted and find new friends was a great way to start off the year,” says Erin Jackson, president of SPECTRUM.

Event highlights include:

A conversation between Roberto Gutiérrez, professor of Spanish, and Augusto Penaranda, the executive director of the NJ Pride Chamber of Commerce. The event was presented in partnership with Hispanic Heritage Month.

Nandita Ghosh, associate professor of English, moderated a virtual discussion between Luis Carle, a Puerto Rican artist, and Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé, the curator of Carle’s exhibit, “The Magic of Everyday Life.”

Evelyn Reid, assistant professor of creative writing, hosted a pedagogy workshop on queer lives and issues in the classroom, led by John Alexander of University of California, Irvine.

Patricia Melloy, professor of biology, coordinated The Biology of HIV/AIDS and Antiretroviral Therapy, a student poster exhibition, at the Florham Campus Library. Harald Parzer, associate professor of biology, facilitated a virtual town hall meeting with a panel of LGBTQIA+ students, and with the help of Francesca Degiuli, associate professor of sociology, these same students led a teach-in at a Becton College faculty meeting.

students at the vancouver campus

Vancouver Campus is ready for LGBTQIA+ History Month!

“It was both extremely courageous and helpful to have the students attend a Becton College faculty meeting and share their experiences,” says John Schiemann, professor of government and politics. “Their concrete suggestions will help make the campus more inclusive.”

LGBTQIA+ History Month marks FDU’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive learning community.

“Going into the semester with the goal of being champions for FDU’s LGBTQIA+ community and being met with acceptance and support from faculty and students has made the support we strive for in our community much more tangible,” says Oli Yee, president of Progress Pride.

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