By Julie Kayzerman

July 6, 2020 – Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Public and Global Affairs student Hashmat Vejdani received the Successful Young Figures of the Year Award from the Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA).

Hashmat Vejdani receives the Successful Young Figures of the Year Award from FEFA. (Photo courtesy of Vejdani)

FEFA, an independent organization which monitors the election process in Afghanistan, grants the award to young talents working in field of education, peace process, gender equality, human rights and women rights.

Out of thousands of nominees, Vejdani was one of the final 16 award recipients for his human rights and volunteer work in 2019.

Vejdani, a human rights activist and lecturer at Afghanistan Defense University, has been recognized with over 40 national and international awards and certificates recognizing his human rights work in Afghanistan in 2019 alone. For 2020, he’s aiming to collect 50 recognitions.

Vejdani is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Global Affairs, a program for rising diplomats, with FDU’s School of Public and Global Affairs offered in Consulates and Missions to the United Nations, as well as remotely to diplomats who are stationed around the world.

“My hope is that one day I will be a permanent representative of Afghanistan in the United Nations,” Vejdani says. “Then I would like to become the next president of my country. This award was the first step for me.”

Watch adjunct professor Ulrike Berzau interview Vejdani here.