Interim Director, Peter Sammartino School of Education (September 2017-present)

  • Associate Professor, Director of QUEST Program as of August 2005, September 2017.
  • Awarded Tenure in March 2008.
  • Promotion 2010 Assistant Professor (2003-2010).
  • Assistant Director of TEAC Initiative as of Fall 2004.
  • Coordinator MAT Science and Math Instructor in September 2002, 2003.

Contact Information


  • EDUC 6853 Effective Teaching, Effective Schools
  • EDUC 6866, 6969, 6870 Secondary Methodology Science, Art, Math
  • EDUC 6583, 6825 Advanced Clinical Practice and Apprenticeship Seminar
  • EDUC 7812 Final Project EDUC 6824, 6828 Field Experiences I, II (GR)
  • EDUC 1108, 2209 Seminar in Professional Practice I and II
  • EDUC 2401, 2402, 3403, 3404 Field Experiences I, II, III, IV (UG)


  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Achievement
  • Learning Disabilities
  • College Retention
  • Published in the Learning Consultants Journal, The Australian Journal of Early Childhood, Multicultural Perspectives, and has a book chapter entitled “Implications and Complications of Faith-Based Initiatives for Educational Programs.”


  • EdD, Seton Hall University 2002
  • Educational Administration
  • Dissertation: Singer, M.J. (2002) An Outcomes-Based Study of Whole School Reform in the Abbott Districts: An In-Depth Study of Academic Progress at the Lower Elementary Level Based on the Fourth Grade ESPAs. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Seton Hall University, South Orange. UMI (ProQuest) Catalog AAT3226860.
  • MA, Eastern Michigan University 1976 Major: Special education Specialty: Physically impaired
  • BS, Michigan State University 1974 Major: Zoology Minor: Math and physics Major: Education