"Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends."
— Walt Disney

The program is designed to prepare students to assume managerial functions in service industries including organizations such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, entertainment complexes, casinos and assisted living facilities. In addition, to a broad liberal arts curriculum, business core and extensive course work in hotel and restaurant subjects, students enrolled in this major are expected to accumulate significant knowledge outside of the classroom. The Professional Development Series involves each student in such activities as: visits to major food markets, tours of ethnic neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, wine seminars, lectures by hospitality industry leaders, visits to diverse hospitality operations, internships and the European Seminar.

Undergraduate students are expected to complete approximately 1,200 hours of diverse work experience. To meet this requirement the student works in a sophisticated laboratory – the New York metropolitan area’s hospitality industry.

Program Outcomes

Orientation: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to develop, implement, coordinate and/or manage a strategic plan through a collaborative process.

Managerial Competency: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to lead and manage organizational change in the workplace by applying leadership techniques including motivating, embracing diversity, and mutual problem solving, teambuilding and communication to ensure that the organization’s vision and mission are achieved.

Global Competency: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate competency in matters of global significance including global economics and the environment as they relate to the hospitality industry.

Cultural Competency: An ISHTM graduate will interact effectively within multicultural organizations and will exhibit an appreciation for the dynamics of cultural identity and differences essential for leading in a diverse workplace.

Quantitative Literacy: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to interpret and apply mathematical methods including but not limited to statistical analysis, Managerial accounting and finance to solve business related issues.

Oral and Written Communication: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations and/or write documents that present and evaluate information and opinions in a logical and analytical manner, incorporate research and documentation, and use style, grammar, mechanics and format appropriate to an educated audience.

Information Literacy: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to conduct effective information search strategies utilizing the internet and other research engines and Subsequently examine, assess and integrate the information into formulating an analysis for a case study and/or term project.

Technology Literacy: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to effectively use technology tools to assess, manage, support, evaluate, justify and communicate information.

Critical Thinking: An ISHTM graduate will demonstrate the ability to successfully analyze, create and act upon information, arguments, and opinions which demonstrate the structural and rhetorical principles of logic.

Degree Plan

NOTE: All students are required to complete the General Education Requirements of their campus in fulfillment of their Bachelor degree requirements.

  • HRTM1100 Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Work Exper. I
  • HRTM1101 Career Orientation and Professional Development in the Hospitality Business
  • HRTM1102 Professional Skill Development
  • HRTM2100 Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Work Experience 2
  • HRTM2103 Management Values and Professional Standards
  • HRTM2104 The Hospitality Manager and Law
  • HRTM2210 Sales and Marketing for Hospitality Managers
  • HRTM2211 Accounting for Hospitality Managers
  • HRTM2500 Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • HRTM3100 Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Work Experience 3
  • HRTM3105 Managerial Challenges in the New Workplace
  • HRTM3106 The Manager in the Group
  • HRTM3203 Food and Beverage Management
  • HRTM3207 Lodging Operations
  • HRTM3208 Financial Management
  • HRTM3209 Human Resource Management
  • HRTM4107 Concepts in Transportation and Travel
  • HRTM4108 Global Issues in Hospitality Management: Seminar Abroad
  • HRTM4109 HOTS- Hospitality Operations and Tactics
  • HRTM4204 Property Management
  • HRTM4280 Domestic and International Tourism
  • Electives

The BS Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management requires a completion of at least 120 credits.


Course Descriptions