The 15-credit Political Communication minor exposes students to an array of academic skills, substantive knowledge, and professional experiences that will help them analyze, understand, and deploy political discourse in a variety of forms including campaign materials, media coverage, rhetoric, advertisements, constituent communications, persuasive writing, and more technical communication and correspondence. The minor addresses issues such as public opinion formation, strategic communication, press-state relations, communication between publics, political participation, and international relations.

Required Courses (6 credits):

POLS 2308: Public Opinion
COMM2001: Perspectives on Communication

Elective Courses (9 Credits):
(At least one course each from Communication Studies and from Political Science from the list below)

POLS 1201: American Government and Politics
POLS 2250: Political Methodology
POLS 3997: Internship in Political Science (approval of instructor required)
COMM 2866: Women and Minorities in the Media
COMM 3011: Introduction to Journalism  
COMM 3012: News writing  
COMM 3018: Mass Communication

Rotating Topical Courses:

POLS 2300: Campaigns and Elections
POLS 2306: Polls and Surveys
POLS 3319: Politics and the Media
POLS 3331: American Political Thought
COMM 2015: Media and Political Discourse
COMM 3004: Organizational Communication
COMM 3015: Political Reporting: Journalism in an Election Year
COMM 3051: Communication and Gender

Course Descriptions