Secondary Reviews

Overview and Directions

Admitted Students and Families are welcome to submit a request for a secondary review for merit awards, financial aid packages or changes in financial circumstances. In order to to be considered, please review the information below.

  1. Based off of your need or update, consider which form best fits what you would like to have reconsidered. 
  2. Have an updated transcript/grade report or your current financial aid package ready before filling out the form.
  3. Fill out the form(s) below. 
  4. Once received, an admissions representative (merit reviews) or a financial aid representative (financial aid reviews or changes in financial circumstances) will be in touch if additional information is needed.
  5. Results will be provided through email from the appropriate office in about 2 weeks.

Common Questions and Answers

Question: What is a merit review? 

Answer:A merit review is for those students who are interested in having their merit award (provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions) reviewed. Merit reviews are based on additional high school academic credentials (not including test scores). 

Question: Can I submit a merit review if my grades didn’t improve? 

Answer: No, unfortunately, merit reviews are only for those who have improved grades from the first time they applied. 

Question: What is a financial aid review?

Answer: A financial aid review is for those students who are interested in having their financial aid such as grants, loans, and work study awards (provided by the Office of Financial Aid) reconsidered.

Question: What would be considered a change in financial circumstances?

Answer: A change in financial circumstances can include loss of income or untaxed benefits. 

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