TCC Initiatives

Univ 1001 and Graduate Student Success Scholars

The university has long provided a course to incoming students designed to support the transition to university life (UNIV 1001). As stated on the university website, “students participate in formal and informal learning experiences that facilitate their personal and academic growth.”  The program pairs graduate and doctoral students in the early stages of their graduate training at FDU with cohorts of FDU first-years from UNIV 1001. Importantly, these graduate students will remain paired and connected to these first-years through their first two years at the university. This will foster an environment of caring, support, and ongoing mentorship during the years in which students are experiencing most rapid change. It is hoped that through this dynamic and unfolding relationship, the undergraduates will develop curiosity and enthusiasm about the mental health area of study, while the graduate students will develop expertise in college student mental health. 

Graduate Students for Student Persistence and Engagement

These graduate students are responsible for implementing initiatives that are geared toward increasing student belonging, encouraging emotional well-being, and supporting incoming and current undergraduate students.  

Our graduate assistants will serve as way finders for students experiencing difficulties navigating the campus.  They will offer insights and suggestions on student success and gather information to improve the overall student experience.  

TCC Semester Event Plans

Each semester on each campus, the graduate assistants will suggest face-to-face and/or zoom events to which the undergraduate student participants are invited. These events are a way to involve undergraduates who may differ widely in their level of extroversion and willingness to share their views and needs.

Dedicated Physical Locations for TCC Interactions

Metro: Robison Hall 3rd Floor

Florham: Hennessy Hall 1st Floor

Each campus TCC space will be open from 12:00pm to 8:00pm Monday through Thursday and 12:00pm to 4:00pm on Fridays. Hours may change based on the utilization of the space.

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