TCC Outcomes

Students will feel that Fairleigh Dickinson University is a physically and psychological safe place

Students will use and understand resources and systems to promote academic success

Students will develop meaningful engagement experiences with peers

Students will engage with faculty and staff members

Students can express their true selves

Students will express pride in FDU

Create a pipeline for mental health professionals

Graduate students will develop competencies to support undergraduate students

Measures of Success

Undergraduate Students

  • Sense of belonging 
  • Connection to campus
  • Knowledge of support alternatives
  • How to help a peer in distress
  • Support in resolving emotional problems  
  • Support in resolving operational problems  
  • Connection to our graduate students

Graduate Students

  • Increase understanding of college mental health
  • Help students navigate campus resources 
  • Serve as a touch point for students experiencing difficulties 
  • Career development and career support 
  • Building relationships with undergraduate students during their first two years