Faculty and Staff Experts for Media and Community

Many of FDU's faculty and staff -- experts in varied fields -- offer their skills and insights to the press and the community at large. So that this directory can function as a speakers' bureau, each individual's entry has up to four codes, indicating willingness to participate in none, some, or all of the following types of outreach:

   T:  television or radio interview
   O:  opinion piece, written
   P:  print interview
   S:  speaker to groups

Search on any word or short phrase to be found in the PROfile database; search entries must be spelled correctly, but case is ignored.

Search elements may include topic, word or phrase of interest; first or last name, title or department; degree or university name.


If organizations offer honoraria, the amount and method of payment is to be decided by those involved, not by FDU's Office of Communications and Marketing.


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More Information
For information about PROfile, the FDU experts resource list, phone: 201-692-7032/7031/7026 or email: schipper@fdu.edu