Faculty-Staff Profile Pages

Who Has a Profile Page

See Personal Web Pages of FDU Faculty and Staff for a list of individuals currently represented by a profile page.

Search Content of Profile Pages

Use this special search tool to search the profile or biography pages of FDU faculty and staff (e.g. by topic, name, title). This is an excellent way for the University community and for the press to find individuals with expertise and experience on particular topics in research or in the news.


Create a New Profile Page

If you do not have a profile page, request one by contacting FDU Web Operations (kennedy@fdu.edu and beck@fdu.edu).

Review a Profile Page

In some departments and offices, profile pages may be maintained by the same individuals responsible for the other web pages of the office or department.If you have a Profile page but do not know where it is maintained, contact FDU Web Operations (kennedy@fdu.edu and beck@fdu.edu).

Edit and Update an Existing Profile Page

Once a profile page is in place, it is maintained using the FDU Content Management System. See Faculty-Staff Profile Howto for basic instructions for use of the CMS.

After changes to a page have been made and Saved, the updated page will be published by Web Operations, typically within one business day.