CCEEL Center for Community Engaged and Experiential Learning

Who are we?

The Center for Community-Engaged and Experiential Learning (CCEEL) at FDU brings students, faculty, and community partners together to create and implement meaningful community-based opportunities. CCEEL serves as the conduit to bridge community needs with student and faculty interests based on curricula and areas of academic study. The scope of engagement includes volunteerism, service learning, student/faculty research projects, internships, and employment.   


What is Experiential Learning? 

Experiential Learning is hands-on (in the field, office, hybrid, or remote), practical experience— students are enabled to put into action the theoretical concepts gained in the classroom. Some examples of opportunities to gain experiential learning include: 

  • Travel courses/study abroad 
  • Volunteering/ Community-based action 
  • Interning 
  • Mentored research 

Participating in Experiential Learning prepares students for the professional world under the guidance of their instructors and community partners, as well as from the support of their peers. Most importantly, Experiential Learning allows students the opportunity to explore their interests through the lens of real-world engagement.  


Community Partnerships 

CCEEL offers a repository of community organizations that represent non-profits, businesses, local government agencies, and educational institutions. Various areas of interest are available for students and faculty to consider or to solicit additional information.  

Get involved!

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