University Leadership and Offices

Office of the President

  • Christopher A. Capuano, PhD, President of the University
  • Jeanne Mazzolla, Assistant to the President

Office of General Counsel

  • Edward Silver, Esq, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
  • Carol Rosensteel, MA, Senior Paralegal, Operations
  • Martha C. Young, BS, Assistant to the General Counsel

Office of Communications

  • Angelo Carfagna, MA, Associate Vice President for Communications
  • Dina Schipper, BA, Executive Director of Communications and News
  • Carol T. Black, MA, Director of University Publications
  • William R. Kennedy, MAS, Director of Web Operations
  • Kenneth O’Boyle, BS, General Manager of WFDU-FM
  • Hector L. Torres, MFA, University Designer

Office of University Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Gillian M. Small, PhD, University Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vanessa Perez, MPP, Assistant to the University Provost
  • Barbara Schutt, MFA, Director of Academic Budget and Planning
  • Jason Scorza, PhD, Vice Provost for International Affairs
  • Sam Michalowski, PhD, Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Catherine Kelley, PhD, Associate Provost for Educational Resources and Assessment
  • Ana Fontoura, MS, MLS, University Librarian
  • April Patrick, PhD, University Director of Honors
  • Jane Tsambis, MBA, University Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects
  • Nandini Janardhan, Academic Software Manager and Web Specialist

Academic Deans

  • David M. Rosen, Interim Dean, Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences
  • Pierre Balthazard, Dean, Silberman College of Business
  • Michael Avaltroni, Dean, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

School Directors

  • Peter Woolley, Founding Director, School of Public and Global Affairs
  • Vicki Cohen, Director, Peter Sammartino School of Education
  • Minerva Guttman, Director, Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health
  • John Niser, Director, International School of Hospitality, Sports, and Tourism Management
  • Alfredo Tan, Director, Gildart-Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering
  • Ben Freer, Director, School of Psychology and Counseling

Office of International Education

  • Diana Cvitan, MAT, Director of Global Learning and Partnerships
  • Anne Perry, MA, Director of Study Abroad Operations
  • Brian Swanzey, BA, Director of Study Abroad

Office of Institutional Research

  • Viola Simpson, Assistant Provost of Institutional Research
  • Sarah Jordan, Institutional Research Analyst
  • Douglas Pescatore, MS, Manager of Business Analytics and Strategic Reporting

Office of Educational Resources and Assessment

  • Jasmine Sahni, MBA, Coordinator of Online Programs

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

  • Sandra Selick, PhD, University Director of Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • Carrie Lynch, MA, Coordinator of Assessment Technology

Center for Instructional Design

  • David Lavoie, PhD, University Director of Center for Instructional Design
  • Wylie Haggerty, Instructional Design Specialist
  • Lisa Hines, Instructional Design Specialist
  • James Behnke, MEd, Coordinator of Instructional Design

Library Services

  • Maria Kocylowsky, MA, MLS, Associate University Librarian and Director of Business, Hackensack Libraries, Metropolitan Campus
  • Nicole Potdevin, MA, MLIS, Acting Director of Public Services, John and Joan Monninger Center for Learning and Research, Florham Campus

University Honors

  • Christina Reneo, MA, Honors Coordinator

Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects

  • Kim Dicciani, IRB Compliance Manager

University Core

  • Kiron Sharma, PhD, Director, Florham Campus
  • James Gifford, PhD, Director, Vancouver Campus
  • Michele Barto, EdD, Director, Online/Off-Campus Programs

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

  • James Gifford, PhD, Director, Editorial Committee

Office of Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Hania Ferrara, MBA, EdD, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Lisa Carnevale, Special Assistant to Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Gail Lemaire, University Risk Manager

Office of Finance

  • Frank N. Barra, CPA, MS, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Frank Lawson, MBA, Director of Budgeting Services
  • Juliette Brooks, BS, University Director of Purchasing
  • Catherine Bonilla, CPA, CFE, MS, Controller
  • Gregory Sarajian, MBA, Manager of Accounts Payable
  • Aeda Ghandour-Khamis, MBA, Manager of Credit and Collections/Student Loan

Office of Enrollment Services

  • Carol Creekmore, MAS, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
  • Aurora Bugallo, MA, University Registrar

Office of Human Resources

  • Rose D’Ambrosio, MBA, Vice President for Human Resources
  • Julie L. Friedman, BA, Director of Payroll
  • Stefanie Miller, MA, Director of Employee Benefits and Training
  • Barbara Leonaggeo, Manager of Employee Compensation
  • Patricia Miller, MBA, Manager of Employment

Office of Information Resources and Technology

  • Neal Sturm, MBA, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Saul Kleinman, BA, Associate Vice President for Management Information Systems
  • Stuart Alper, BS, University Director of University Systems and Networking
  • Manish Wadhwa, MBA, University Director of Academic Technologies
  • Kimberly Hart, Manager of Telephone and Voice Services
  • Lane Goldstein, University Director of Access Technologies and Special Projects
  • James Lebo, MS, PMP, HDM, MCSE, University Director of IT Client Services, Support and Process Management

Office of Senior Vice President for University Operations

  • Robert Pignatello, EdD, Senior Vice President for University Operations
  • Steve Nelson, JD, MBA, Associate Vice President for University Operations
  • Brian Mauro, PhD, Executive Director for Florham Campus Operations
  • Marc DeBoer, BS, MA, Deputy to the Senor Vice President for University Operations
  • Mary Keyser, Special Assistant to the Senior vice President for University Operations
  • Angela DePoalo, MAS, Senior Assistant to the Associate Vice President for University Operations

Student Affairs

  • (8/1/21) Uchenna Baker, PhD, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Craig Mourton, MPS, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Pamela Messina, MA, Florham Associate Dean of Students
  • Vidal Lopez-Marrero, MPS, Florham Associate Dean of Students
  • Sarah Azavedo, MA, Florham Assistant Dean of Students
  • Vacant, Associate Dean of Students for Metro Student Union and Campus Engagement

Student Health

  • Geniques Stanislaus, MSN, NP-C, University Director of Student Health
  • Carol Brown-Taylor, BSN, MSN, APN, Assistant Director of Metro Student Health Services
  • Nancy Moran, BSN, MSN, APN, Assistant Director of Florham Student Health Services
  • Jill Clark-Hamilton, MD, Medical Director, Florham Student Health Services
  • Stephanie Ulrich, PhD, Director, Metro Center for Psychological Services
  • Stephanie Koempel, PhD, Director, Florham Counseling Services
  • Alice Mills, PhD, Co-director of Metro Student Counseling and Psychological Services
  • David Mednick, PsyD, Co-director of Metro Student Counseling and Psychological Services

Offices and Centers

  • Darshan Shah, MBA, Director, Office of Academic and Disability Support Services
  • Marjorie A. Hall, MA, Director, Educational Opportunity Fund
  • Bruce Peabody, PhD, Director, Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning
  • Andrea Mosca, MA, Director of Academic Advisement Center
  • Director of Florham Resource Center
  • Campus Ministries
    • Pastor Jim Om, Metro Campus Ministry
    • (Vacant) Florham Campus Ministry
  • Anthony Mastropietro, Director of Community College Partnerships
  • Anita Rivers, MA, Director of Community Relations

Regional Center for Learning Disabilities

  • Mary L. Farrell, PhD, University Director
  • Dawn Dennis, MA, Director, Metropolitan Campus
  • Mary L. Hebert, PhD, Director, Florham Campus
  • Grace Hottinger, Senior Learning Disability Specialist


  • Richard Frick, MEd, Vice President for Facilities and Auxiliary Services
  • Heidi Fichtenbaum, BED, Senior Project Manager Facilities Operations
  • Michael DiArchangel, MEP Manager, Florham Campus
  • Michael Ervelli, Buildings and Grounds Manager, Florham Campus
  • Peter Bonasia, Director of Facilities, Metropolitan Campus
  • Augusto Paule, MEP Manager, Metropolitan Campus
  • Michael Noe, Buildings and Grounds Manager, Metropolitan Campus

Auxiliary Services

  • Robert A. Valenti, MAS, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
  • Bookstore: Follett Higher Education Group
    • Meagan Engel, Manager Florham Campus
    • Maureen Delaney, Manager, Metropolitan Campus
  • Food Service: Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.
    • Jeff Gourley, AOF, Director, Florham Campus
    • Brian Weinstein, Director, Metropolitan Campus
  • Mail Room: The Millennium Group
    • Raymond Shafer, Bi-campus Manager
  • Copies Plus and Fleet Copier Services: Collegiate Press Co.
    • Richard Villanueva, Bi-campus Manager


  • Bradford Hurlbut, Director of Athletics Division I, Metro Campus
  • Jennifer Noon, MA, Director, Athletics Division III, Florham Campus

Public Safety

  • David A. Miles, MS, Metro Director, Office of Public Safety
  • Joseph Vitiello, BA, Florham Campus Director, Public Safety

Office of Vice President for Enrollment, Planning, and Effectiveness

  • Luke David Schultheis, PhD, Vice President for Enrollment, Planning, and Effectiveness
  • Traci Banks, BS, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Nancy Matthews-Zwemmer, MBA, University Director of Branding and Marketing
  • Elizabeth Dikovics, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment, Planning, and Effectiveness

Office of Admissions

  • Andrew Ippolito, MSEd, University Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Coleen Curtis, BA, University Director of Undergraduate Admissions Operations
  • Susan Brooman, BA, University Director of Graduate Admissions

Office of Financial Aid

  • Renée Volak, MM, University Director of Financial Aid
  • Emily Grant, MA, Director of Financial Aid, Florham Campus
  • Carmen Ferrari, MS, Director of Financial Aid, Metropolitan Campus
  • Theresa A. Coll, MA, Director of Financial Aid Operations

Office of International Enrollment

  • Gayathri Attiken, MBA, University Director of International Enrollment

Office of Career Development

  • Donna Robertson, MA, University Director of Career Development
  • Ryan Stalgaitis, EdM, Florham Campus Director of Career Development

Office of Veterans Services

  • Martha Papson Garcia, BA, Director of Veterans Services

Office of University Advancement

  • (8/1/2021) Jason Amore, MPS, Senior Vice President for University Advancement
  • Christopher S. Groff, MS, Assistant Vice President of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Karen Ann Lewis, PhD, Executive Director of One University Many Dreams
  • Kenneth Lam, EdM, Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Development
  • Delia Grace Perez, MA, Director of Planned Giving
  • Helene Pier, Executive Assistant for Senior Vice President for University Advancement
  • Laura R. Reynolds, MBA, Director of Special Events
  • Anne Sherber, BA, Director of Advancement Communications

Vancouver Campus

British Columbia, Canada

  • Wilfred J. Zerbe, PhD, Campus Executive
  • David O’Reilly, MBA, Deputy Campus Executive


  • Natalia Kharitonova, PhD, Director of Admissions
  • Ajay Garg, PhD, Coordinator of Individualized Studies and Associate Director of MAS
  • Vasudevan Janarthanan, PhD, Coordinator of Information Technology
  • Arlette Hernandez Pulido, BA, Director of Enrollment Services
  • David O’Reilly, MBA, Director of Learning Resources and Support and Business Manager
  • Amy Yan, MAS, Director of Marketing and Recruitment
  • Jobin Mojtabavi, MAS, Director of Student Services
  • Jonn Martell, BSc, Director of Technical Operations
  • James Gifford, PhD, Director of University Core
  • Gudrun Dreher, PhD, Director of Global Scholars

Wroxton College

Oxfordshire, England

  • Nicholas D.J. Baldwin, PhD, Dean and Director of Operations