Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Office Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) supports the University mission of providing an educational environment of the highest quality by its commitment to developing and providing quality and accurate information for effective policy formulation, decision-making, accreditation, assessment, and strategic planning activities at the University. OIRA accomplishes this through its three key functions:

  1. developing and maintaining the University’s data warehouse for accountability and reporting to state, federal, and other external entities and partners;
  2. collaborating with University constituents to identify and provide relevant data and analysis for academic/non-academic planning and assessment, resources allocation, accreditation, and budgeting;
  3. leading and coordinating institutional effectiveness efforts such as assessment for non-academic and academic support offices/units.

Current Office Goals

  1. Make a palpable impact on institutional efficiencies, self-knowledge, and institutional renewal through the collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of information, and data.
  2. Serve as a collaborative leader of institutional assessment by providing methodological, analytical, and logistical support for non-academic units’ assessment efforts.
  3. Promote FDU in the wider academic environment by presenting accurate and strategic metrics and statistics to external clearinghouses and stakeholders regarding student academics and workforce outcomes in local, regional, and national contexts.
  4. Build self-service capacity of OIRA services for University stakeholders.
  5. Coordinate the University’s accreditation process.

Downloadable reports

OIRA Data Portal

Sections represented:

  • Available without login
  • Campus credentials required
  • Service requests

Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet presents the following data at the Campus and University level:

  • student enrollment
  • student demographics
  • residency
  • retention
  • graduation rates
  • first-time full-time freshmen average SAT scores
  • student charges
  • degrees awarded.

Print a copy. It is an easy way to carry vital University statistics to your meetings.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set is a set of standardized questions answered by the University to provide data to college guidebook publishers. The University provides a full Common Data Set and one for each of its campuses:


Higher Education Act (HEA): Institutional Disclosure Requirements, 2008

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