Facilities and Auxiliary Services

  • Richard Frick, Vice President for Facilities
  • Paul Palladino, Acting Associate Director of Facilities, Project Manager Florham Campus
  • Michael DiArchangel, MEP Manager Florham Campus
  • Michael Ervelli, Buildings and Grounds Manager Florham Campus
  • Peter Bonasia, Acting Associate Director of Facilities / Project Manager Metropolitan Campus
  • Augusto Paule, MEP Manager Metropolitan Campus
  • Michael Noe, Buildings and Grounds Manager Metropolitan Campus
  • Heidi Fichtenbaum, Senior Project Manager

Office of Auxiliary Services


Food Service

  • Aramark Collegiate Hospitality

Mail Room

  • Raymond Shafer, Manager (The Millennium Group)
The mailstops are in the form c-bbf-ss where
  • c is the campus
    • m=florham, t=teaneck side of metro, h=hackensack side of metro, v=vancouver
  • bb is the building, as shown in the chart below
  • f is the floor, where 0 (zero) is the basement, and the digit is the floor number
  • ss is the mailstop on that floor
Florham Campus Mail Code Prefixes Metropolitan Campus Mail Code Prefixes
M-AB Zenner Building (NAB)
M-BB Barn
M-CB Chaine Building
M-DB Dreyfuss Building
M-DH Danforth Hall
M-EC East Cottage
M-EO EOF Building
M-FT Hamilton Twombly
M-GH Gatehouse
M-LA Library
M-MO Monninger Center
M-MS Mansion
M-PR Public Relations Building
M-RC Recreation Building
M-RI Rothman Institute
M-SB Science Building
M-SC Student Center
M-SP 230 Park Ave
M-WE Wellness Center
M-ZN Academic Building
H-AT Bogota Savings Bank Center
H-CF 10 Woodridge Ave
H-DH Dickinson Hall
H-HC 10 Woodridge Ave
H-MR 10 Woodridge Ave
H-PS 131 Temple Ave
H-PY 131 Temple Ave
P-PS 870 River Road
T-AH Alumni Hall
T-BE Becton Hall
T-BH Bancroft Hall
T-CP Metropolitan Campus Library
T-DH Dickinson Hall
T-DS 867 Sub Lane
T-EF 840 River Road
T-FC 1080 University
T-FH Field House
T-FL 835 Sub Lane
T-GL Metropolitan Campus Library
T-IS 844 River Road
T-KB Kron Building
T-LP 880 Lone Pine Lane
T-MU Muscarelle
T-PB 1154 River Road
T-PS 870 River Road
T-RA Robison Annex
T-RH Robison Hall
T-RL 880 Lone Pine Lane
T-SC Rabinowitz House
T-SU Student Union
T-UC 842 River Road
T-UH University Hall
T-WF University Court 10
T-WH Williams Hall